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Allistella (アリステラ Arisutera?) is the daughter of Ende and Melle. Her nickname is Allis (アリス Arisu?).


At age six, Allis can be mistaken for a boy due to her androgynous appearance.


She tends to be a blabbermouth; unable to avoid letting things she should keep secret from slipping out. Allis is annoyed her father is too busy as a guild master in the future to spend time with her; so she cherishes her time with past Ende.


Allis grew up in a loving family of her father, mother and Stepmother; however, Ende was a guild master in a different country, leaving him too tired to spend time with her when he got home. She spent time with the Mochizuki family due to her father being friends with the Grand Duke. Due to Granny Toki repairing the damage to the world barrier in the past, a time quake appeared in Brunhild when Allis was with Touya's children.


Allis may look like a human much like her father, but she has internal biology similar to Phrase like Melle; being capable of summoning thorny vines from within her body, without any damage or scarring. She can even apply it to Frame Gear weapons.

She has also been trained by future Elze in how to fight; her father suggested it as he didn't want Allis to develop negatively from the harsh training Takeru gives.



No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!
  • Allis has a crush on Kuon
  • Her use of crystal armament as arm extension is a reference to the game Arms.