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Panties, and an Air Garden (ぱんつ、そして空中庭園Pantsu, soshite Kūchū Teien?) is the eleventh episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.


Touya along with Kuroyou and Sango arrive at the unknown location after activating the mysterious platform only to discover a young girl approaching him. As he goes to greet he discovers that she is only wearing clothes from the waist up, and that she only underwear from the waist down which greatly stuns him. She introduces herself as Francesca, but prefers Cesca. He begs her to put on something, trying to trick himself into thinking she's wearing a swimsuit; doesn't work. Cesca relents, pulling out a skirt; Touya shouts she should have worn it from the start. As Cesca puts on her skirt, she asks if Touya will try something; with his back to her, Touya begs her to just on the skirt.

                Opening titles plays

With that insanity over, Touya follows Cesca to a fountain in the garden. Touya asks Cesca to confirm their location; she explains that it's the Garden of Babylon, which floats in the sky. Cesca leads him to the top floor to see out the dome; it's nothing but clouds outside. Touya wonders what the purpose of the Garden is, to which Cesca explains it was created by Professor Regina Babylon as a hobby; Regina was also Cesca's "creator".

Kokuyou and Sango note that there is no life energy in Cesca. Cesca explains she was created to be the Garsen's control terminal 5092 years ago. Touya thinks Cesca is a robot then, to which she explains that she has some organic parts created by magic. When Touya comments Cesca looks like a normal, she bluntly explains that while she can't reproduce, she is still capable of intercourse; Touya tells her it's not necessary information. Cesca tells him she's still in mint condition if he changes his mind. Touya inquires as to why the Garden and Cesca herself are still functioning after 50 centuries; surely something would wear down. Cesca explains that everything including her were reinforced with magic to prevent decay. Cesca herself was not activated until Touya arrived.

Cesca asks his name; upon getting it, she tells Touya he has been deemed compatible, making him the owner of the Garden and Cesca herself. Still confused, Touya asks how he is compatible. Cesca explains only some with affinity for all elements can use the teleportation to the Garden; a failsafe Regina added. Touya thinks this was the test, but Cesca confirms that panty debacle upon his arrival was the test; Touya could have done three things: either assault Cesca, do nothing or tell her to cover herself. If the first happened, she would have literally tossed him out and as for the second, she would politely escort him back. Cesca explains Regina devised this to make sure someone kind and considerate would be chosen.

From the weird test alone, Touya thinks Regina must have had a few screws loose; Cesca doesn't deny the professor was "off", but the final judgement fell to her. Cesca notes Touya is a closet pervert with good self-control, making him better than who could possibly come by next. Touya quickly defends that he is not a pervert and that he does have confidence in himself. Cesca ignores the outburst, telling Touya now that the formalities are over, she truly is now his possession. Sighing, Touya gets the feeling things are about to get more complicated than they already are; unintentionally making the cliché jinx.

Back at the Eashen beach, the girls are still waiting for Touya. They chase a crab on the beach until a wave knocks it into Charlotte bosom. Linze and Yae note that they didn't have that kind of trouble with their suits, minus some sand; Yae thinks they need to squeeze their breasts closer together when wearing their suits to keep that from happening. Yumina wonders what they are talking about, to which Elze tells her it's nothing they'll have to worry about. Leen notices that Charlotte is still there, wondering why she's still there when she has work to do back in Belfast; Charlotte quickly leaves. Linze worries about Touya; Leen assumes that since he isn't back, things are going well (even someone without interests in archeology would be impressed with stuff they find in ruins.) A [Gate] opens and Touya pops his head out

Everyone enters the Garden through the [Gate]. They are in awe. Leen notices its architecture is similar to the ancient Partheno civilization. Touya wonders who they were. Leen explains they were an advanced society with many magic spells and magical devices like the artifacts to use them; the Garden counts as an artifact. Cesca's presence is brought up; Leen wonders if she's another woman for his group. Touya denies it, explaining Cesca is in charge of the Garden. Cesca explains Touya owns the Garden and is her master. When asked define "master", Cesca says he's her husband; Touya corrects her, saying "proprietor". Linze wonders what this means. Cesca poorly words her little test, saying she offered herself to him. The girls are mortified, with Touya becoming hysterical from Cesca messing with him.

An upset Linze demands Touya kneel in front of her. Linze recalls when he walked in on the four of them in the bathroom, now this incident; she demands to know to how obsessed with panties he is. Touya says it was an accident, which Linze takes to mean he looked at Cesca's on purpose. Linze then reveals she and Elze got matching bikinis because they hoped he would like them; she wonders if swimsuits and underwear are the same to him. To mess with Touya, Leen offers to show her panties, which makes Linze angrier. Leen tells Linze that Touya doesn't understand why she's angry; unless she makes it clear why, Linze should just let Touya be. Leen tells all three girls that they need to be on the same footing as Yumina.

Yumina takes Linze, Elze and Yae for a walk in the Garden; leaving Leen with Touya. Despite the trust Yumina has in the fairy, Yae, Elze and Linze worry Leen will just make things worse. Yumina reminds them of the conversation they had when they moved into the Belfast Mansion.


Yumina makes it known she is aware that Elze, Linze and Yae love Touya just as much as her. Elze always admired the dress Touya got her; Linze followed him to make sure he didn't go into naughty shops; Yae asks Touya to heal her more than Linze. Yumina tells them that she won't monopolize Touya, offering a polygamous marriage so they all can be Touya's wives. When the trio find themselves unable to speak, Yumina suggests that they just continue as usual until a later date to see if anything has changed.

End flashback

Yumina asks about their feelings now, noting that they have become more conscious of Touya after becoming aware of their own love for him. Yumina reveals her observations of the others reacting to Touya: Linze's heart is always racing next him; Elze's eyes follow him; Yae is nervous around him. Yumina once more offers to have a polygamous marriage with Touya. Elze, Linze and Yae blush heavily. They quickly begin babbling and having wedding fantasies. Yumina sees its just not time yet.

Elsewhere, Touya sits in a gazebo with Leen and Cesca. Leen is impressed to have found a remnant of an ancient civilization; though the fact nothing in the Garden has withered means magic is keeping it in good condition. Touya notes Regina Babylon must have been a genius to create it, "Although she was also a pervert who forced her sentient creations expose them undergarments." Touya asks Cesca if there is anything else besides the Garden there, to which she answers there is not; however, there are other pieces floating around the world, with an android like Cesca in charge of each one. Cesca confirms Babylon was once whole, but broken into pieces

The girls return from their walk, with Touya noticing that they are blushing. Cesca continues; Babylon is protected by barriers that keep it from view. In total there's the Sky Garden, Library, Research Lab, Workshop, Storehouse, Tower, Rampart, Alchemy Lab and Hangar; though she doesn't know if any others still remain. Leen is interested in the library, which she believes holds ancient spells. Touya on the other hand, believes it's nothing but porn based on what he knows about Regina Babylon. Yae wonders what he's talking about, to which Touya asks she forget he said that; based on the fact on Leen gives a knowing stare, its likely Linze and Elze don't know what Touya is talking about either.

Leen wonders if Cesca can contact the others, which Cesca states cannot be done; she lost contact centuries ago. Linze suggests using Touya's phone to search, earning his gratitude and making her blush. It doesn't work. Yumina wonders if they're the first to ever arrive. Cesca explains someone entered 3208 years ago at the library and another 985 years ago at the Hangar. A dejected Leen realizes they have to find the other teleportation circles to get the other Babylons. Touya wonders if Cesca knows where they are, but nope she doesn't. Elze wonders why Babylon got split to begin with. Cesca doesn't know, as Regina didn't tell her; Touya guess Regina did it to tick people off.

The question now is what to do with Cesca. Cesca asks to stay with Touya, but starts going into a perverted monologue about joining him in the bath and bed. Linze is mortified, but Touya assures her that Cesca is just messing with them. Touya tries getting Cesca to stay behind, believing she needs to maintain the Garden; however, it's automated and Cesca was offline till Touya arrived. Cesca explains that she must complete his registration; she French kisses him, much to the girls' horror. Cesca explains she recorded his genetic information. When questioned about why she did that, Cesca explains that it was the easier way to get a DNA sample; though sex was an option too.

Linze stares at Touya in anger. However, her frown softens into a loving gaze. Confessing her love, Linze kisses Touya. Elze, Yumina and Yae shout in complete shock at seeing Touya kissed twice.


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  • This episode shows the meeting that took place between Yumina, Elze, Linze and Yae during Episode 6.
  • In Elze's imagination, she's being held by Touya on their wedding day (akin to the classic carry over threshold moment); a subtle nod to her desire to be more feminine.


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