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Decisions, and With My Smartphone (決断、そしてスマートフォンとともに Ketsudan, soshite Sumātofon to tomo ni?) is the twelfth and last episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.


Francesca is added to the Belfast Mansion staff as a maid. Touya hastily heads to bed after not only the weirdness of her, but because Linze's confession has made him flustered. Linze sadly watches him walk away with Yumina watching them both with her mystic eyes.

In his room, Touya thinks about Linze's confession of love. Yumina enters, explaining she is angry with him. Touya thinks it's because of Linze being in love with him; as he is technically engaged to Yumina. Though to Touya's shock, Yumina tells him she doesn't mind if he has multiple wives; she considers it to be proof of his masculinity if he has more than just her. However, she states her anger comes from Francesca stealing his first kiss. Yumina demands Touya hold and kiss her. He hesitantly complies. Smiling, Yumina confirms that she is the first person Touya chose to kiss of his own will.

Yumina asks Touya his honest opinion of Linze. Touya admits he finds Linze cute and likes her sincerity, but he is just surprised by her confession. With that Yumina says for Linze talk to Touya. Linze suddenly appears. Yumina explains she had Leen cast [Invisibility] on Linze (who maintained it with her own [Light] magic) so she could hear Touya's honest feelings. To Touya's shock, Yumina reveals Linze was crying because she misunderstood Touya's avoidance as hating her. Linze apologizes, but is comforted by Touya; both now on the same page. With that Touya is convinced by Yumina to accept Linze as his second fiancee. Per their request, Touya kisses both of their foreheads and bids them goodnight.

The next morning, Touya is dragged out of bed by a fuming Elze. Dragged to the garden, he finds Yae waiting as well. They question him about his choice to take Linze as another wife; even if he truly feels affection for her. Touya admits his feelings aren't really love yet, but he does care for her. Elze and Yae order him to fight them, demanding he grant a request upon their victory. Touya tries avoiding hurting them, pinning Elze. However, it turns out it was a ploy by Yae to get him off guard. They knock him down, claiming victory.

Elze and Yae attempt to explain their request but fumble and end up arguing with each other. Both finally snap and admit their love for Touya and that they wish to be his wives too. Yumina and Linze arrive, with Yumina explaining fighting is the only way Yae and Elze can be in tune with their feelings of courage. Touya, cornered by all the love they have for him, asks them for time to give the four an answer.

Back in the Sky Garden of Babylon, Touya is sighing. Francesca finds him and explains she has a message from her creator. Producing a USB cord from her arm, Francesca tells Touya that Professor Babylon said he would know what to do. Connecting it to his phone, a hologram of the Professor appears; it's a pre-recording. After some perverted humor, she reveals that she used an artifact to peer into the future; she's watched Touya's life and set up this mock conversation. She explains the Fraze are causing the future to be in flux. However, Touya wants to know about his own future; the Professor refused to tell him anything in the recording, finding his flustered bumbling amusing. She ends with a joke Francesca will strip naked. Francesca considers this, but Touya orders her not to.

Touya uses [Gate] to visit God for advice; unaware that his past is playing on God's TV. God is happy to see him again. However, God is limited in in-depth matchmaking knowledge. He calls in the God of Love, a woman in a Greek-esque clothing. She explains that she doesn't control people's feelings, but sets up cliches to help them bond. Touya wonders about more practical advice; is it even right to marry all of them? She tells Touya to abandon the common sense about romance from Earth; polygamy is normal in his current world. The God of Love explains love is meaningless if they all aren't happy; Touya should consider his own desires beforehand. Before Touya leaves, the God of Love reveals it was her fault he walked in on the girls in their underwear as a cliche she hoped Touya would like; in a rare moment of pure frustration, Touya screams "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?"

That evening, Touya has Kohaku bring the girls to meet him. He tells them immediate marriage is out of the question, but he is willing to get married in the future when they are all sure it's right for them. Yumina and Linze take this calmly, knowing that their love for Touya will not falter; Elze and Yae on the other hand are saddened by the delay. Yumina suggests Touya kiss each fiancee. Touya starts with Elze, but she gut punches him unconscious in embarrassment. Yae whines the she didn't get a kiss.

Outside, Leen, Charlotte, Francesca, Kohaku, Sango and Kokuyou watch through the window. Francesca reveals that Professor Babylon saw Touya with nine wives; Leen notes it's a high number. Leen then taunts Charlotte for being there instead of working; causing Charlotte to panic. After a pause, Francesca asks Leen if she might marry Touya as well. Leen laughs a "maybe" in response.

The episode ends with a shot with all nine of Touya's wives; the four currently engaged to him, the two not and the three yet to be met: Linze, Elze, Yae, Sushie, Yumina, Leen, Lucia, Hilde and Sakura.


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  • In the LN Touya receives the message from Professor Babylon after being hit by Elze during their meeting, while in the anime he receives the message before he is hit.
  • In the LN Touya receives the message from Professor Babylon after waking up in his bedroom in the mansion, while in the anime he is in the Sky Garden when he receives the message.

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  • This episode marks the first appearance of the God of Love and Ende in the anime series.


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