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Moving, and a Dragon (引っ越し、そしてドラゴン Hikkoshi, soshite Doragon?) is the sixth episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.


Touya and the others arrive at the mansion that the King of Belfast had gifted to Touya as a reward for saving his life. Everyone is surprised by the size and Touya explains that it was given to him by the King when he refused the knighthood. Linze speculates the king knew Touya would turn it down, to which Elze and Touya confirm. Upon entering the mansion they are surprised by the size of the interior with Touya wondering to himself how four people (he doesn't include Yumina because she's a princess) could possibly maintain the mansion by themselves, much to the shock of Linze, Elze and Yae.

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Elze and the others (minus Yumina) ask Touya is it really okay for them to stay here with him as they had assumed it was just for Touya and Yumina to live in. Touya surprised by their reaction, telling them that he likes them the same and considers them family. Linze, Elze and Yae blush heavily, much to Touya's confusion. Elze and Linze head upstairs while Yae heads for the kitchen. Touya is confused. Yumina mutters in realization that Touya's affection is divided amongst the girls. She tells Touya that she doesn't intend to monopolize him and that the living arrangement with the girls is just fine. Leaving Kohaku with Touya, Yumina runs off to find the girls.

Later while Touya and Kohaku are enjoying their new garden Yumina and the other girls return. Yae, Linze and Elze ask Touya if it is really okay for them to live in the mansion with him. He reassures them that he has no problem letting them live in the manor with him. They ask if he would treat them the same as Yumina, to which Touya confirms he will (intending it to be platonic). Yumina tells the girls that they will discuss what they talked about earlier once they've had time to think. Touya asks what they mean, to which they quickly state its a secret. Kohaku notes Touya has the least authority in the home.

Afterward Touya is introduced to several workers that were sent to the mansion by the King to manage it including the King's personal butler Laim who decided to serve Touya as thanks for saving his brother. After taking care of additional introductions concerning the other workers Touya receives word that the Duke of Belfast and Suu have arrived at mansion to see him.

Touya and Yumina take tea in the backyard with Sky and her father. Suu is surprised to have heard of the engagement; Touya quickly states he was the surprised one. The Duke admits he wanted to arrange a marriage between Suu and Touya, which Suu is happy to hear. Seeing how eager Suu is, the Duke asks if Touya would be pleased to marry both girls; Touya quickly deflects (as he isn't interested in polygamy). The Duke drops the idea, seeing Touya is panicking. All jokes aside, the Duke reveals he wishes to hire Touya for an adventurer quest to travel to Mismede to meet the king and set up a [Gate Spell] to allow quick and safe passage between Belfast and Mismede's rulers.

Touya, Linze, Elze, Yae and Yumina join Olga's group on their return trip to Mismede; Belfast Knights under the command of Lyon Blitz are also helping escort everyone. In one of the carriages, Yae attempts a game of matching card pairs with Yumina and Arma, but loses. Touya offers to switch with Yae, so she can play shogi with Olga instead; Yae happily agrees, having learned the rules recently.

Night falls and the group makes camp. Touya tells the story of Puss in Boots at the campfire, wowing Arma. A guard named Lain notices the sound of several people approaching with her rabbit ears; likely bandits. Touya uses his smartphone to search for bandits, finding 28 of them. He [Enchant]s [Multiple] on his phone, allowing him to select targets; he then casts [Paralyze] to stun them. Touya informs the escorts that the bandits are harmless now and can be captured. Wondering what to do with them, Lyon offers to send someone to bring guards to take the bandits. Olga congratulates Lyon, making him flustered. Touya quickly realizes Lyon likes Olga. The girls not it's youth; however, they quickly devolve into insulting Touya indirectly.

The next day the group has stopped in a town. Touya, Yumina and Arma find Lyon shopping at brooch stand. Touya offers to get Arma one, asking what Olga likes; subtly telling Lyon what to buy. They soon walk away, with Yumina admitting while it was sweet what Touya did to help, she's a bit sad she didn't get anything. Though she quickly says the only real token of affection she needs is a wedding ring; making Touya uncomfortable.

The group later crosses the river into Mismede territory to get new carriages to resume traveling. However, the boat ride was a bit too much for Linze's stomach; so Touya carries her on his back until she can recover. They reach the carriages, where Olga offers to delay the trip a day so Linze recovers. However, Linze turns her down; she started feeling better after getting off the boat. Elze slyly makes fun of Linze for having Touya carry her longer. However, Touya mistakes this as Linze being embarrassed by needing to be carried. Elze sees she can't spark anything, accepting Touya is too dense. Touya suddenly notices a presence, which Kohaku telepathically confirms wasn't a figment of his imagination. As the group leaves, Touya and Yumina notice Olga is wearing the brooch they suggested to Lyon.

As the trip continues, Olga worries they won't reach the next village before nightfall; camping is dangerous with all the magic beasts in the area However, Touya explains Kohaku's presence will repel any smallfry animals. Yumina thanks and hugs Kohaku, whom smiles in satisfaction.

Nighttime. Touya uses the carriage to hide a [Gate] back to the Belfast Mansion, which he and the girls are using to wash up. He checks on Elze and Yae, who are done with their turn. They return outside the carriage to find everyone on alert. Lain notes something big is coming from the sky. It's a black dragon! Olga reasons it may be a juvenile dragon running amok. Touya checks his map, discovering the next village is the dragon's target.

At the village, the dragon is burning everything. While the Knights help the villagers. Touya's group distract the dragon. Kohaku takes Touya and Linze outside the village, where the dragon roars in anger. Turns out it was insult, which angers Kohaku to hear Touya insulted. The dragon is a child seeking to amuse itself. Touya distracts the dragon, while Linze cuts off its wings. Using [Boost] to get a safe distance from the dragon's fire breath with Linze, Touya watches Yae blind one of its eyes. He attempts to damage it further, but just breaks his katana instead. Right before the dragon can harm him, Touya is saved by a kunai that takes out its other eye. Touya quickly has Linze create a wall of ice, which he [Model]s into a magnifying glass. Casting [Multiple], Touya passes the power of several [Shining Javelin] through it, creating a massive beam if light that rips a hole through the dragon, killing it.

A large red dragon arrives; only this one apologized for the other's misbehavior. Kohaku tells the red dragon that its master, the Azure Monarch should be raising dragons with more discipline. Surprised to see the White Monarch, the red dragon assumes the deed was done by Kohaku. However, Kohaku corrects the dragon; Touya killed the other dragon, whom Kohaku believes deserved it for disrespecting him. The red dragon is amazed a human could tame a Monarch and bows before Touya, asking to be spared. Touya lets the red dragon go, asking to give the young dragons a good scolding so they don't make the same mistake. The dragon promises and takes off. Yae, Elze and Linze are left stunned.

The rest of the night, everyone works on putting out the fires, search and rescue, and healing. By morning, Elze, Linze and Yae are sleeping in a carriage. A tired Touya sits against a tree; Yumina gives him a blanket and he falls asleep. Touya wakes up to find his head on Yumina's lap. He quickly gets up and finds Linze, Yae and Elze grumpily standing nearby. They say nothing is wrong, while Yumina tells them to respect she won rock-paper-scissors. Touya telepathically asks Kohaku what is going on, to which Kohaku states "What does anyone fight over? Territory."



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  • This is the first known instance of a dragon attack in any country since Touya's arrival in this world


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