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Nation of Beastmen, and an Observer (獣人の国、そして監視者 Kemonohito no Kuni, soshite Kanshisha?) is the seventh episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.


Touya and the others are still helping to repair the damage caused by the Black Dragon's attack in the village. Lyon admires their generosity in donating the dragon's corpse to the village; since dragon is a rare material, it's is worth several bags of gold.

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As a reward for saving their village the elder presents Touya with one of the fangs from the dead dragon. He informa Touya that he could either sell it or use it to construct a new weapon, since it's durable and lightweight. He also hands him a knife that was found in one of the dragons eyes assuming that it belongs to him though Touya is confused about the knife himself.

After continuing on their journey to Mismede Touya asks Kohaku if he saw or sensed anyone else nearby during the battle which he confirms but originally believed it to be one of the others in the group. He soon sees large towers in the distance and realizes that they have arrived in the Kingdom of Mismede.

They are welcomed by the King of Mismede, Jamaca, who is surprised to see the Princess of Belfast among those who arrived. She explains that her father wishes to establish an alliance between their two countries, and that she was sent to their kingdom as an envoy on belief of the King of Belfast. After speaking with Yumina concerning the alliance King Jamaca notices Touya among her companions and realizes he is the one who defeated the black dragon that attacked Eld Village and thanks him for his efforts. He then proceeds to challenge Touya to a mock battle as a way of seeing just how strong he really is to the shock (and annoyance) of his retainers.

Later in the castle's training field Touya is asked by one of the retainers to beat the King to quell his desire to battle. Since the rules allow magic not used offensively can be used, Touya casts Slip to make the King fall. Annoyed, the King demands a rematch without that spell. They are equally matched until the King reveals his unique Null Magic spell Accel. Touya quickly copies the spell, turning the match into a fight so fast none of the spectators can see them. Touya mixes Accel and Boost, knocking down the King; it's Touya's win.

That night a reception is held. Touya enjoys the food. Lyon finds Touya, asking if he's seen Olga. They find her a short distance away with the King and the girls. Touya muses on how much Lyon is crushing on Olga. The girls compliment the clothes Touya borrowed; he returns the compliment and takes a picture of them. The flash from his smartphone camera spooks everyone else. The king asks Touya what he did. Touya passes it off as Null magic, showing the King the photo he took. Intrigued, the king wonders if the picture can be taken out; Touya asks for some paper to use the Drawing spell to copy the image as an example. The king asks if Touya could produce a picture of him as well; it's no problem.

Later an exhausted Touya sits in a darkened hall. Hearing a squeaking sound, he turns to see a teddy bear walking around. It beckons him to follow. It leads Touya to a room where a young girl with silver hair wearing a Lolita dress sits in a darkened room filled with stuffed toys. The girl calls the bear Paula, wondering who the guest it brought is. Touya introduces himself, being recognized as the dragon slayer. Touya becomes embarrassed before asking for the girl's name. She introduces herself as Leen, an elder of the fairy tribe; Leen reveals she's at least six centuries old, but guesses she's 612.

Touya questions Leen about what Paula is, having guessed a summoned beast. However, Leen states Paula is just a teddy bear, laughing that the squeaking should have given it away. Leen explains that her Null magic [Program] allows her to give situational commands to inanimate objects. She demonstrates by programming a chair to move when sit upon, but realizes she forgot to add how much it's supposed to move. When asked if she could command Paula to fly, Leen explains [Program] can't make objects no physically impossible things; if you want an object to fly, [Program] should ve used on a model bird. Touya asks to give [Program] a try, copying the chair experiment. Leen is shocked, wondering what other elements Touya can use. Once he confirms he can use all magic, Leen offers to become Touya's teacher. Touya quickly turns her down and leaves.

Touya rests in his guest room. Kohaku wonders if he's okay. Touya is mentally exhausted by the king and Leen. However he quickly brightens as [Program] is the answer to how yo make "it". The next day Touya heads out and is met by Linze and Yumina; Yae and Elze are training with the guards. Once Touya explains he was going shopping, they quickly join him.

With the shopping down, Touya uses [Gate] to take himself, Linze, Yumina and Kohaku to the forest. Linze cuts up the dragon fang with water magic for Touya. Touya thanks Linze before using [Modeling] to turn the fang into gun parts. He quickly assembles a gun with a blade, using [Modeling] to create rubber bullets. Touya then uses [Program] to make the gun automatically reload. He test fires, missing a tree. Touya realizes he didn't add rifling to the barrel, which he quickly fixes; the gun puts a hole through the tree, and the reload spell works.

Impressed by the weapon, Linze and Yumina ask for guns too, so Touya shows them images of single-hand guns on his smartphone; Linze picks a small one, while Yumina chooses one with a long barrel. With both pleased, Touya uses [Program] to have his gun transform into a Blade Mode with [Modeling] whenever he commands it; allowing him versatility if he can't use other magic in combat. Touya decides to name his weapon Brunhild.

They return to Mismede in the evening, ready to try the local delicacy curry. Kohaku quickly warns Touya via telepathy that their stalkers are back. Touya gets their location, deciding to greet the stalkers. He quickly comes up with an excuse to leave Yumina and Linze with Kohaku, before slipping away with [Accel]. He spooks two masked people, who flee with a flashbomb. Using [Accel] and [Boost], he surprised them in an alley before shooting them with rubber bullets coated with [Paralyze]. Tying them up, Touya asks for answers. They remain silent. He searches one, only to touch boobs; the woman's mask falls off to reveal Lapis. The other one is Cecile. Lapis reveals they are actually spies from Belforest's espionage group Espion. They are supposed to secretly keep Yumina safe on the King's orders, but aside from the dragon incident, they've not been needed. Laim also knows about them. Lapis asks Touya to keep it a secret as it would violate the trust between daughter and father. Touya rejoins the girls for curry. However, they can't handle the spiciness.

The next day, Touya creates a [Gate] through mirrors to allow the kings of Belfast and Mismede to meet. Elsewhere, Leen tells Paula that Touya has become a person of interest to her; she plans to pay Charlotte, her apprentice a visit to learn more about him.


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  • Leen and Paula are introduced into the series for the first time.
  • Touya and the others meet the King of Mismede for the first time as well.
  • Espion, the spy organization Cecile and Lapis work for, is also the name of a Pokémon.


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