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Daily Life, and Onward to Eashen (日々の暮らし、そしてイーシェンへ Hibi no Kurashi, soshite Īshen e?) is the eighth episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.


Touya and the others return from the Kingdom of Mismede after successfully carrying out their assigned tasks; they arrive in the Belfast Mansion via [Gate]. They greet Laim, Lapis and Cecile, whom they brought gifts. Lapis quietly thanks Touya for sending them back with [Gate] first; their cover as maids would be blown if they took the normal way home. After resting for a bit from the previous events that occured recently Touya decides to take a bath

However, when he enters the bathroom changing room, Touya finds all four girls in their underwear as they were about to bathe. Touya barely gets out a squeak in shock. They all scream in embarrassment, pummeling him. Hastily redressing themselves, the girls scold Touya, whom kneels in apology. Elize does admit the fault does fall on them for not locking the door; though Yae adds it's equally his fault for not knocking. Touya meekly defends he thought they would have already used the bath while he was asleep, letting his eyes wander to their legs. Linze and Yumina ask if he's learned his lesson, to which he smiles silently. Yae demands he apologize, to which Touya does.

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The next day, Touya is working on a project in the backyard; using [Modeling] on rubber and metal parts. Laim arrives, announcing the Duke has come to visit. The Duke doesn't have any pressing matters, so he decided to see how Touya was doing; he takes interest in the project. Touya explains he is building something called a bicycle. The Duke asks for a bicycle, which Touya speculates should take him half an hour to build. Shortly afterwards, the Duke tries out a blue frame bicycle; with Laim on standby to help him. The Duke falls over, but gets back up to try again. The girls arrive on the terrace, confused by the sight.

Touya makes a pink bike fot Elze and a sky blue one for Linze. Elze falls over after trying, with Yae wanting a turn. Both see Touya helping Linze, with Yumina having mastered riding her cream-colored bike. Touya gives Yumina praise for being a fast learner, unintentionally upsetting Linze and Elze; Linze takes off on her own, while Elze takes her bike back from Yae. The sisters start trying to out-ride the other. Touya notes they got good really fast, to which Yumina says that she doesn't know if she should thank or blame Touya. Yae quickly realizes that the girls are trying to get compliments from Touya. The Duke races past the girls, who end up crashing in the grass from being distracted. While Yae finally gets her turn, the Duke asks Touya to make a bike for Sue; he offers to pay for the material. Touya heads out immediately, much to Yae's sorrow.

Touya walks into town, musing Sue got her personality from her father. He walks up to an alley, hearing a commotion; he sees two men leading a child down a corner. Turns out to be a petty dispute between small time thieves; the kid was pickpocketing in the duo's turf and got too much attention. Touya steps in, quickly incapacitating the duo with rubber bullets. The kid thanks Touya, whom tries lecturing only to hear the poor child's stomach growl. He offers to buy a meal after hearing the kid hasn't eaten in three days. Running up to Touya, the kid's hat falls off, revealing long hair; she's a girl. The girl gives her name as Renne.

At a park, Touya asks Renne about herself; learning she's orphaned (her father took a subjugation quest a year ago and never came back, and her mother died shortly after Renne was born). Touya offers to employ her at his home, which Renne agrees to; she promises to never steal again. Later, Renne is introduced to the rest of the household; she's now a maid in training, with Cecile in charge of teaching her. Touya is happy until Yae reminds him that he forgot to get the bicycle materials.

Sometime later, Yumina has Touya take her Kohaku and Sue to Mismede; since Sue has wanted to visit. Yumina thanks him, to which Touya says it's no problem thanks to [Gate]. Sue wishes she could ride her bike through town, but Touya doesn't want to stand out. Yumina quickly notices Arma Strand in the crowd and they all greet her. Touya then notices Lyon and Olga not too far away; Yumina guesses it's a date. Arma and Sue want to spy on them, much to Touya's frustration. Seeing Lyon fighting the urge to hold Olga's hand, Touya has to explain to the younger girls; though Yumina thinks it shouldn't be that hard.

Olga and Lyon enter a café, forcing the girls to stop short to avoid being seen. Sue asks if Touya can do something, which he can but doesn't want to invade their privacy. Arma adamantly states she's looking out for her sister. Sighing, Touya takes out his phone and uses [Long Sense] on the camera; it shows Lyon and Olga at their table. Turns out both do like each other, from their subtle hints in their conversation. Sue wishes she could go on a date, which Yumina says is too soon for her; adding that she's not been on one and she's engaged. Sue makes the silly suggestion they should go on one, to which Yumina tells her that it doesn't work like that. As Olga and Lyon leave the café, Arma bumps into a cloaked man, who turns out to the King of Mismede.

At the marketplace later, the group watches Lyon and Olga talk from the shade of trees; now with the king with them. The king explains he goes out in secret sometimes to clear his head; though he's disappointed Lyon isn't bold with his feelings towards Olga. A moment later, some goons harass a fruit vendor. Lyon quickly steps in to scold them. The king wishes to help, but Touya isn't for it; they'll reveal that they were spying. Spotting masks, they don them and help take out the goons. However, it was for naught as Lyon recognizes Touya's coat and Olga recognizes the king; the King gets away with [Accel], leaving Touya behind. Touya quickly turns the tables by telling Lyon that he's been too timid to act on his feelings for Olga; using reverse psychology to make the knight admit his earnest desire to date Olga. Olga is flatterd, accepting Lyon's affection. Arma, Yumina and Sue come out of hiding, confusing the couple.

Touya and Yumina return to the Belfast Mansion via [Gate], where Liam tells him that a guest has arrived. Hearing squeaking, Touya sees Paula; wondering if it came from Mismede by itself. He then hears Leen from the next room, looking to find her with Charlotte. Touya quickly introduces Leen as an elder of the fairy tribe, adding she is way older than them (much to Leen's annoyance). Yumina is confused as Leen's wings are missing. Leen explains that she's hiding them with light magic to avoid drawing attention. Leen reveals that she's come to ask him about the crystal monster he destroyed some time ago

Everyone has tea, with Linze and Elze surprised that a fairy doesn't look as cute as they thought; Leen clears her throat in annoyance. Leen reveals that a runner reported the sky "cracked" some days ago in a Mismede village; when she went to investigate with a platoon of soldiers, she discovered that nothing was left and serpentine monster was responsible. She wanted to investigate, but heard rumors of how Touya beat a similar creature from Charlotte, who revealed Touya can use any magic he wishes; Charlotte explains Leen is her teacher. Leen shows him a drawing of the creature, and that Phrase is an ancient name for it; the name applies to all similar glass creatures.

Leen informs Touya she was appointed Mismede's ambassador and will be staying in the Kingdom of Belfast, planning to visit him. She inquires about Touya's usage of [Gate], learning its limited to where he's been; though Leen tells him [Recall] can allow him to see into another's memories to allow [Gate] to go to the places in the other person's memory. Leen wishes for Touya to take her far East to Eashen, where an ancient ruin is located. Charlotte explains Leen tends to mostly act on whim. Yae is against having her memory seen by Touya, but is calmed when Leen explains the spell will only show memories she wishes to share.

Leen explains [Recall] works by the user and target clasping hands and touching their heads together. Linze and Elze are clearly jealous, while Yumina takes the action in stride; she knows Touya doesn't see the action as romantic. On Leen's cue, Yae begins picturing Eashen; Touya uses [Recall] and sees the images. Charlotte promptly uses the moment to excuse herself to get away from Leen. Touya promptly opens a [Gate], taking himself, Yae, Linze, Elze, Kohaku and Leen with him to Eashen.


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  • This episode marks the second known attack by the Phrase since Touya's arrival in this world.


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