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Oedo, and the Immortal Gem (オエド、そして不死の宝玉 Oedo, soshite Fushi no Hōgyoku?) is the ninth episode of the In Another World With My Smartphone anime.


Touya'a group has arrived in Eashen. Leen reveals that she seeks the Niruya Ruins, but doesn't know where it is. Yae believes her father may know more, prompting Leen to insist they visit Yae's home. Elze doesn't like Leen's bossy attitude. Yae leads them to Oedo.

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Touya asks if a king is in charge of Eashen. Yae explains that each region had its own lord, who serve under the King. Hearing the name of Oedo's lord is Ieyahsu, Touya muses God "copy and pasted" Japan in this world. Linze, Elze and Yumina are confused by the culture. Touya quickly explains geta shoes and palanquins, surprising Yae he is so knowledgeable. Yae notices the mood in Odeo is off.

The group arrive at the Kokonoe home, where Yae is happily greeted by the housekeeper Ayane. They next meet Yae's mother Nanae Kokonoe, whom wonders who the group is; Yae introduces them as her comrades who have helped her in the far west. Yae inquires about her father, whom Nanae explains is in battle with Ieyahsu; the Takada clan is invading. Even Yae's brother Jutaro is fighting. Yae realizes that this is why Oedo seemed off. Leen wonders what the situation is, to which only rumors that soon the Takada clan will overtake the fortress have been heard. Yae quickly asks Touya yo use [Recall] and [Gate] to get them there.

The group arrive on a hill a safe distance away from the fortress. Touya uses his information on Jutaro to confirm he's safe for now. Leen keeps Yae from jumping into the battle. Touya offers to use [Long Sense] to find safe spots to jump to with [Gate] to get them into the fortress; he'll go alone at first to ensure its safe. Touya's first jump takes him to just outside the battlefield, where he sees the Takada warriors shambling forward no matter how much they get hurt; he quickly guesses they're zombies.

In the fortress, Touya arrives; however, he is greeted by Jutaro's blade. Touya conducts introductions and explains Yae is back in Eashen. He opens a [Gate], bringing everyone to the fortress. Jutaro wonders who the other girls are, to which Yae explains they are her comrades. Yae wonders about their father, to which Jutaro assures her that is fine. Seeing the wounded, Touya uses [Program] to upgrade the [Multiple] spell on his phone; he uses [Cure Heal] to repair them. Touya warns that the blood the men lost hasn't been returned, so they healed should take it easy. Touya inquires about the enemy, whom only stop when their masks are broken. Leen guesses the masks are artifacts, believing Touya's phone is one. Touya quickly uses [Multiple] to rain down [Shining Javelin] on the undead warriors, destroying them. Yumina, Elze, Linze and Yae are impressed with Touya yet again.

Later, the group meets with Yae's father Jubei and lord Tokugawa. Jubei is impressed with Yae for guarding a princess. Tokugawa asks who saved the fortress, to which Yumina reveals it was her betrothed Touya. Touya tries to protest her again calling him her fiancee, but Yumina gives him the "kicked puppy" look to stop him. Yae and Elze give clearly irritated looks, while Linze smiles with dead eyes; Leen just grins at Touya's torment. Touya quickly asks about why the Takeda clan is attacking. There are rumors that lord Tadeka Schingen is dead and the dark mage strategist Yamamoto Kansukay is using his name. Leen guesses Kansukay is using an artifact, given the army of undead is quite large. Capturing Kansukay should calm things down.

A ninja named Tsubaki appears, revealing a letter from Kousaka Masanobu of the Elite Four under Schingen; turns out the theory is correct. The letter asks for help rescuing the other three members of the Elite Four, so that they may take down Kansukay. Tsubaki reveals Kousaka has been feigning loyalty to buy time. Touya offers to help. Remembering Leen made her wings invisible, Touya wonders if she can do that to other people; she confirms this is the case. Touya decides to infiltrate with Leen and Tsubaki. Elze points out that it's broad daylight, while Yae wishes to tell her mother Jubei and Jutaro are okay, and Yumina and Linze wish to bring food from the mansion to help aid the soldiers; Touya agrees to help with each idea. Touya uses [Recall] on Tsubaki, much to the ire of the girls.

Nighttime, Touya, Leen and Tsubaki have arrived outside the compound. Leen makes herself and Touya invisible; bright side, those under the spell can see each other. Touya tries using [Gate] to get it, but it doesn't work; Leen suspects a magic barrier is in place. This means they'll have to get in the old fashioned way. Tsubaki offers yo destroy the source of the barrier, only for Leen to advise against it as it would alert Kansukay. Touya agrees they should just follow Tsubaki in, closing his [Gate]. He turns to see Leen groping Tsubaki's breasts; though Leen claims Touya is doing it. Touya quickly shouts he hasn't moved. Tsubaki protests, but soon gets into it, with Leen noting her breasts are actually bigger than they appear. Touya chops Leen on the head, allowing Tsubaki to get free. Catching her breath, Tsubaki calls Touya mean. Touya quickly scolds Leen for misbehaving during a serious situation; he worries if they can succeed.

They manage to sneak into the dungeon, freeing the three captive Elite Four. Touya uses [Modeling] to bend open the cells. Touya tries finding Kansukay, but the barrier blocks his [Search]; Leen informs him that the talisman powering the barrier would need to be destroyed first. Turns out it's just past the armory. They quickly an unlit lantern giving off a dark aura; Leen confirms destroying it will destroy the barrier. Touya blasts it apart with Brunhild. Using the same [Multiple]/[Shining Javelin] combo, Touya takes out all the undead soldiers.

They confront Kansukay via [Gate]. Attempting to strike him calls forth an undead warrior, whom Baba Nobuharu identifies as the lord Schingen. Kansukay laughs that their loyalty will prevent them from cutting down their undead lord, only for Touya to quickly headshot the zombie and break the mask animating him. Touya tells the confused Eashens that it's not like he owed Schingen any favors; the trio become embarrassed because it was so easy. Kansukay pulls off his eyepatch to reveal a red jewel, which he calls the Gem of Immortality that keeps him alive and creates zombies. Touya simply [Aports] the gem, letting Leen examine it. She explains it corrupts the heart of its owner, deeming it useless; Leen tosses it into the air, where Touya shoots the Gem to pieces. Kansukay withers to dust; the gem actually was sucking him dry of mana and was the only thing keeping him alive.

The next day, Baba hears about Leen's wish to find the Niryu ruins. Turns out he knows where they are, but the ruins are at the bottom of the ocean. Baba explains he went to an island near the ruins, which Leen deems good enough. On her prompting, Touya uses [Recall] on Baba to see the location.

Later at Touya has regrouped with Yumina, Linze, Elze, Lee and Yae at the Kokonoe home. Yae bids her family farewell. Jubei tells Touya he will repay the debt he owes him for helping resolve the incident; Touya turns down the offer. He opens a [Gate] to a beach, where the girls are in awe of the beautiful sea.


Spells Used

  • Shining Javelin
  • Banish Spell

Notable Places

  • Oedo, Eashen



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  • This was actually the first time one of the artifacts from the Storehouse of Babylon caused a headache for Touya to clean up.


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