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The Aports Spell is a type of Null Magic used for snatching small objects on to user's hand[1][2].


The Aports Spell allows the users to take small objects toward them from a distance[1][2]. The spell is limited to bringing small objects toward the user[3] and cannot be used for object that cannot be grasp using one hand [4][5]. Multiple objects also can be snatched using Aports as long as all of them can fit in the user's hand[6]. It also shown that magic nullification can cancel out the Aports[7]. Yet when inside magic interference barrier, Aports still can be used[8].

For using Aports, the users usually need to see the object[9] However if the object is not visible, a similar object can also be used for visualizing the object in the user's mind before using Aports[10]. With Aports, the object is not moving toward the user but it appeared as the object is being teleported to the user's hand[11].

As Elze pointed out[12] and Touya's self reflection[13], the Aports user could easily pickpocket anyone's belongings and no one would be able to detect it. The spell has proven useful in battle as Leen commented about how Touya was able to steal the Immortal Gem from Yamamoto Kansuke[2][14]. Touya has also enchanted the Brunhild with the spell as part of the weapon's reloading function[15] and his smartphone as theft countermeasure[16]

List of Users

  • Touya Mochizuki
  • Unknown former user

Usage History

  • Touya failed to take Yae's katana.[3]
  • Touya took Yae's ribbon.[17]
  • Touya took the cricket phrase's nucleus.[9]
  • Touya created the reloading system for gun using Aports.[15]
  • Touya took Immortal Gem from Yamamoto Kansuke's eye socket.[14]
  • Touya created retrieving system for his smartphone using Aports.[16]
  • Touya removing the slave collar from the slaves that he saved.[11]
  • Touya removing the slave collar from the slave in Kingdom of Lihnea.[18]
  • Touya took many phrase's cores using Aports.[6]
  • Touya used Aports for testing Yumina's foresight ability.[19]
  • Touya took slave collar from Sandora's King.[20]
  • Touya took the slave king bracelet from Sandora's King.[21]
  • Touya took the King phrase's nucleus from Yamato's body.[22]
  • Touya took the leftover nucleus from Luna's right chest.[23]


  • Touya made passing joke about using aports to steal underwear; a reference to how Kazuma from Konosuba uses a similar spell called Steal, but only manages to steal panties on average.


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