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Atlantica (アトランティカ Atorantika?) is a 5000-year old terminal gynoid tasked by Professor Regina Babylon to manage the Research Laboratory of Babylon. Her airframe number is 22. She nicknamed herself as Tica (ティカ Tika?).[4]


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Atlantica is a gynoid with three braided hair that is braided into one brown hair, white skin and a pair of golden eyes[4]. When first appearing in the series, Atlantica is shown to be wearing a large pink ribbon on the blue regular tunic with a white skirt and white knee-high socks.[5]


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As a gynoid made by Regina Babylon, she has some of the doctor's personality. On the outside she is well mannered, hard working, and responsible. Although, in actuality, she is very perverted when it comes to little girls.

Compatibility Test

For determining anyone that passes the teleportation magic circle test as a truly compatible person. Professor Regina Babylon gave her creations, the gynoid, freedom to have the final judgment.

After Touya Mochizuki introduced himself as the owner of all other Babylon she acknowledged Touya as her master.[4]


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Tica was created about 5092 years ago along with the Laboratory by Doctor Regina Babylon prior to her Babylon's piece discovery[6] after the doctor seen the future[7] . Then around 4907 years ago, she departed separately from her sisters[8] after the doctor when into comatose[9].


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Regina Babylon

Her creator and a victim of her lolicon fetish after her revival in the last gynoid. Regina takes it in stride because of her own perversion.

Touya Mochizuki

Touya is her master; he is sickened by Atlantica's lolicon fetish. To this end, he keeps Sue away from her, knowing that the gynoid would end up severely traumatizing the poor girl. He calls her "the Kiddie Diddler" in his head.


One of her sisters who usually tries to avoid her due to her lolicon fetish.


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  • Based on the character introduction:
    • She looks like a decent person but actually a hardcore lolicon.
  • She is the only Babylon Sisters who did not kiss Touya in any way to collect Touya's genetic material.[10]
  • In The English LN, she often moans sexually.
  • She is one of the only Babylon Sisters who has been shown to show almost no emotion. She only expresses her emotion when her lolicon personality emerges.


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