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The Belfast Mansion (ベルファストの屋敷 Berufasuto no Yashiki?) is a mansion that Touya got from the king of Belfast for saving his life. Later, this place becomes the Embassy Building of Brunhild Dukedom[1].


The house was a gift for Touya after he refused to accept his knighthood. It is located at the West District, on Palalan Street 21A (パララン通り21A Pararan Tōri 21A?). It is a European-style 3-story building with red roof and whitewashed wall. The size of the house is big but not as big as Alfred Ernes Ortlinde's mansion or Carlossa Galune Swordrick's mansion. It has large front garden with flower bed, lawn, and small pond with fountain. It also has a stable beside the garden. [2]

It also the birth place of the bicycle in this world[3]. When Touya Mochizuki and others moved to Brunhild Dukedom, this mansion was guarded by Huck, Thomas and a summoned beast, Cerberus[1].

Notable People

Current Residents

Former Residents


  • The roof color in the web novel is red while in the anime, it shown as blue.


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