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Brunhild (ブリュンヒルド Buryunhirudo?) is a weapon Touya Mochizuki created in order to replace his broken sword[1].


It is basically a combination of a six-shooter firearm and a melee weapon, allowing Touya the ability to attack at long and close ranges. The Gunblade has been equipped with several spells using the Program Spell[citation needed].

The first and original Brunhild was made of the horn of the black dragon that Touya and his companions slew in the Kingdom of Mismede[citation needed]. This original gun was loosely based on the Remington New Model Army revolver[citation needed]. However, when Touya acquired the Workshop of Babylon, he scanned this earlier model and recreated it using Mithril, and improving its capabilities[citation needed].


  • Automatic Reload[citation needed] - By using the command Reload, the gun will use the「Aports」spell to expel the spent cartridges and reload the empty chambers with new rounds from a 1-meter radius.
  • Sword Blade[citation needed] - The dagger blade below the gun barrel will extend to the length of a long sword's and the handle will become a hilt with the command Sword Mode. This is achieved through the Modeling Spell. The weapon will revert back to its gun configuration with the command Gun Mode.
  • Safety Mode[2] - A new form that Touya added that is similar to Sword Mode albeit with a dulled edge. It is primarily used to engage in non-lethal close range combat.

Ammunition Types

  • Rubber Bullet Ammunition[citation needed] - Though not lethal to humans, they can still cause considerable pain and can damage objects.
  • Crystal Bullet Ammunition [citation needed] - Bullets created from the remains of defeated Phrase. Especially useful when fighting the Phrase themselves.
  • Explosive Bullet Ammunition [citation needed] - Bullets that explode on contact with the enemy.
  • Infinite Slip Bullet Ammunition [citation needed] - Bullets that have been enchanted with the Null Magic, Slip. When fired at an enemy it will invoke the spell continuously depending on the amount of magic poured into it.



  • Touya based its name on a Norse goddess.


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