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Cecile (セシル Seshiru?) is a maid from the Maid's Guild that used to work at the Belfast Mansion before moving to Brunhild Dukedom.


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She is a tall, slender woman with long orange hair. Almost always shown wearing her maid uniform, she has been seen wearing her Espion uniform and a green bikini during the beach vacation.


Especially opposed to Lapis, Cecile is much less serious. She is always shown with a smile on her face and is extremely relaxed. She is also slightly more childish, even teasing her employer occasionally. Despite this, she is shown to be extremely dedicated to her job, particularly when it comes to teaching Renne how to be a good maid.


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She was formerly a member of Belfast's secret intelligence unit known as Espion that works directly under the King of Belfast. Both she and Lapis were assigned to discreetly protect Princess Yumina during her trip to the Kingdom of Mismede.


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In the Maid's Guild together, and they seem to be very good friends to the point that they'd lay their life down for one another.


A former thief who Touya brings off the streets and hires as one of his new maids. In her spare time she begins to instruct the young girl in the art of knife throwing and self defense.

Touya Mochizuki

First met when she was hired as a maid for the mansion in Belfast. Like Lapis, Touya didn't know that they were secretly watching Yumina. And after all of that was cleared up, their relationship went pretty much to back to maid and master despite not being relevant much in the later arcs of the story.

Tristwin Ernes Belfast

Her former employer and the current King of Belfast. As a former member of the King's secret service Espion both she and Lapis were assigned to covertly watch over Princess Yumina under the guise of maids.


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  • Knife Throwing - She hit the eye of a dragon from a great distance while hiding in the tree line behind Touya.


  • "Sorry its a habit from my job" - Cecile apologizing to Touya about sneaking up on him at the beach.




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