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Cloud Zeph Lihnea (クラウド・ゼフ・リーニエ Kuraudo Zefu Rīnie?) is the king and ruler of the Kingdom of Lihnea.


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Growing up, Cloud always thought of himself as extremely worthless which was drilled into him by Zabune, his stepbrother. Due to this, he was very timid. When he discovered he was a prince, he began to be more mature, calm and could take his brother's beatings better. He also developed a strong will and conviction to save his mother, who was locked away somewhere in the kingdom as the "cause" of an epidemic (which was used to cover up the King being used as a puppet, Cloud's right of succession, and Zabune's non blood relation to the king). However, despite his maturity and magnanimity, he has a childish side too. This is from the fact that he gets pretty excited whenever something he sees something new (his eyes sparkle).


Cloud Zeph Linea was born around a decade later than Zabune, to King Schlaf and his mistress, Erya (Aria in LN), the daughter of a mercantile family (adopted into a baron family). From the moment he was born, he was taken away from his parents and made to live in a small home away from the castle, making him live a very solitary life.

Cloud was first seen by Touya when he was dressed as a messenger, by orders of his brother to get the Duke's permission of marrying Sue. Being aware of Touya's friendship with the Duke, he saw this as a chance and used it with the motive to meet him to ask for help in saving his mother. After hearing what happened to him, the Duke decided to propose in making Cloud the King of his country, and with approval and support of the West Alliance, Cloud decided to pursue for a revolution (via non violent coup) in the Kingdom, which turned out a big success, as Wardack, Zabune, and Dacia were exposed (with the 2 former being blood related, and the latter for infidelity). King Schlaf abdicated the throne and Cloud, now King of Lihnea, reforms the country, and joins the West Alliance with the Ramissh Theocracy. In the future, he will be known in Lihnea as a hero. As the one who was able to unite the whole Island of Palnea without any violence or bloodshed.


  • Zabune - They never got along, with Cloud being treated as worthless and useless. Cloud initially detests Zabune, but after finding out, they are not related, it immediately became resentment. As Cloud taught them a lesson by selling them to Sandora as slaves, which in a sense, is a bigger punishment than death penalty. And for Zabune, who never did work, it will be a hellhole for him.
  • Erya Zes Lihnea - Cloud holds immense affection for his mother, and is extremely grateful to her for bringing him into the world.
  • Schlaff Zeph Lihnea - Cloud never held any grudge against his father, and loves him just as much as his mother.
  • Lucienna Dia Palouf - After the revolution ended, Cloud went to the Kingdom of Palouf to apologize for what his country has been doing to Palouf. She and Cloud had good vibes going on when they first met. They are now an official couple and are totally head over heels for each other.
  • Ernest Din Palouf - Originally, Cloud was disliked by the prince because he is still clinging to his elder sister. And if they get married, he would be taking her away from him. They didn't really talk much except when the name Touya is the topic being discussed. Now, they treat each other like siblings after Ernest matured for a bit.
  • Reinhardt Yunas Lestia - Being around the same age, the two became best friends. Their friendship was strong that Reinhardt could request Touya to mend Cloud's relationship with Ernest in his place.


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  • Cloud and Lucienna will get married in 5 years because her brother is still 10 years old. Currently, 2 years have already passed, so it won't be too long until they get wed.