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Earth Magic (土魔法 Tsuchimahō?) is one of the attributes of elemental magic that exist in the In Another World With My Smartphone series. This type of magic is exclusive to mages with the Earth (土属性 Tsuchizokusei?) affinity.


Aptitude Test

Main article: Magic#Magic Mechanics

A mage needs to have affinity toward the Earth attribute before they can use earth magic[1]. To test one's aptitude with certain attribute, a magic stone can be used[2]. The magic stone amplifies and releases the user's magic power into the certain element that the respective stone represents[1]. The magic stone for the earth attribute is brown colored[3]. If a person chants the element summoning spell while holding a magic stone, and the magic stone reacts, then the person has an aptitude for that attribute[1].

Spell Name Element Summoning Magic Earth.png
The users summon a bunch of sand while holding earth magic stone for testing their earth attribute affinity.
Incantation 土よ来たれ
Literal Translation Earth, Come!
Official Translation Come forth, Earth!
Known Users Debut
  • Any magic user with earth attribute aptitude

Spell Mechanics

Main article: Magic#Spell Mechanics
Magic mechanics.png

Before one can cast a magic spell, the user must have aptitude toward the element and chant the spell incantation correctly[4].Like most of the elemental magic spells, the user needs to chant the magic spell in order to activate the magic (except for null magic[5]). In addition, the user needs to understand the magic spell effect or form before they can activate the magic properly[6]. The spell incantation is compromised with three sentences which latter part is written in katakana for English words[7], which is language is alien for anyone at this world (Aside from Touya) [8].

List of Earth Magic Users

List of Known Spells

Spell Name Blind Sand (ブラインドサンド Buraindosando?) Magic Earth.png
The user throws sand into the target's eyes, reducing visibility
Incantation 砂よ来たれ、盲目の砂塵、ブラインドサンド
Literal Translation Sand come, Dust of blindness, Blind Sand
Official Translation Come forth, Sand! Obstructing Dust Storm: [Blind Sand]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Earthbind (アースバインド Āsubaindo?) Magic Earth.png
The user causes the earth beneath the target's feet to wrap around their legs, immobilizing them
Incantation 土よ絡め、大地の呪縛、アースバインド
Literal Translation Earth entwine, Ground binding spell, Earthbind
Official Translation Entwine thus, Earth. Cursed Soil: [Earthbind]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Earthwall (アースウォール Āsuuōru?) Magic Earth.png
The user creates a wall out of earth which can be used for defensive purposes
Incantation 土よ来たれ、土塁の防壁、アースウォール
Literal Translation Earth come, Protective wall of earthwork, Earthwall
Official Translation Come forth, Earth! Barrier of the Mother Soil: [Earthwall]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Pitfall (ピットフォール Pittofōru?) Magic Earth.png
The user causes a hole to appear in the ground
Incantation 土よ穿て、愚者の奈落、ピットフォール
Literal Translation Earth bore, hell of fool, Pitfall
Official Translation Strike forth, Earth! The Fool's Abyss: [Pitfall]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Rock Crash (ロッククラッシュ Rokkukurasshu?) Magic Earth.png
The user creates a huge rock over the target, and crushes them with it
Incantation 岩よ来たれ、巨岩の粉砕、ロッククラッシュ
Literal Translation Rock come, Pulverizing giant rock, Rock Crash
Official Translation Rumble forth, Earth! Pulverizing Boulder: [Rock Crash]
Known Users Debut
Spell Name Stone Bullet (ストーンブレット Sutōnburetto?) Magic Earth.png
The user shoots a rock at the target
Incantation 土よ来たれ、大地の飛礫、ストーンブレット
Literal Translation Earth come, Blasting ground, Stone Bullet
Official Translation Shape forth, Earth! Pebble from the Ground: [Stone Bullet]
Known Users Debut
  • Web Novel Arc 27 Chapter #284


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