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The Divine Nation of Eashen (神国イーシェン Shinkoku Īshen?) is an island nation found in the eastern ocean.



Eashen is a country composed of 4 big islands located south of the Nokia Kingdom, east of the Yulong Remnants, and in the northeast of the Kingdom of Horn. It is separated from the main continent by the Dragon sea to the west, and is bordered by the Ocean of the End on its east.

The Mikado Shirahime has ruled over the nation for over twenty centuries.

Notable People from Eashen

Locations within Eashen

  • Kyo - The capital city of Eashen, in which the Imperial Palace is located, and the residence of the emperor.
  • Oedo - The capital of the Tokugawa domain. Yae Kokonoe grew up in Oedo and it is where the Kokonoe Residence is located.
  • Kawagoe - A city in the Tokugawa domain which was attacked by Takeda Foreces under Yamamoto Kansuke.
  • Tsutsujigasaki - The city from which Kansuke commanded the Takeda Forces.
  • Oosaka - The capital of the Hashiba Domain, where Hashiba Hideyoshi bases his operations.


  • Eashen can be considered the counterpart of Japan as stated in the afterword by Fuyuhara Patora in the afterword of volume 3 of the light novel.
    • The similarities between the two is so great that Touya has sometimes guessed that names of certain individuals based off his knowledge of Japan's history and was amazed to learn he was correct.
  • The Ruins Leen seeks to visit, called 'Niruya Ruins' is described by the samurai as being under the ocean, near an island he has visited. The inspiration for this likely was the Yonaguni monument (which is under the sea in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture).
  • Notable places include the shrine, Oedo, Kokonoe's family residence, Tokugawa Castle, Tokugawa camp, Takeda camp, an unnamed island and Niruya Ruin.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu (Lord of Oedo in this world) was the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate in the real world, also based in a castle in Edo after establishing the position of shogun.
  • Beside Tokugawa Ieyasu who actually ruled over Edo in the real world, most the other nine daimyō mentioned in the story; Shimazu, Mōri, Chōsokabe, Hashiba, Oda, Takeda, Uesugi, and Date were eliminated or lost their authorities over their territories before the era of Tokugawa shogunate.
  • Kokonoe Yae is from a place called Oedo, which (in the real world) is the previous name of Tokyo, Edo until the Meiji reformation. Meanwhile, Kyo is an old name for Kyoto, which (in the real world) was the capital of Japan until the Tokugawa Shogunate, and where the imperial palace was located.
  • Although not a signatory nation of the World Alliance until much later, Eashen has kept close ties with the Duchy of Brunhild, and has been on friendly terms with the other nations for a very long time.