Eight Bears Weapon Shop (武器屋熊八 Buki-Ya Kumabachi?) is a weapons' shop owned by Barral.


The Eight Bears weapon shop is a weapons’ shop owned by Barral, Touya and Linze bought their first equipment here.

Notable People


  • Touya and Linze bought their weapons from Eight Bears.
  • The katana that Touya bought cost 2 gold coins, the reason for this is because it’s rarely in stock and the numbers of users is limited.
  • Barral didn't recommend the katana to Touya, as the katana is hard to master, and thus not recommended for beginners.


Sosteniendo katana
Holds the newly purchased katana
Usando katana
using katana
Barita de plata
silver wand of Linze
Todos luchando