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The Elite Four (四天王 Shitennō?, literally "Four Heavenly Kings") was a group comprised of Takeda's most loyal and elite generals. After the downfall of the Takeda, house the four generals all decided to serve in the Brunhild Dukedom under Mochizuki Touya.[1]





  • The word 四天王 originally derives from the four buddhist gods who each protect one of the cardinal directions. However, the phrase has also appeared in many other japanese media franchises.
  • Elite Four is typically a name used in the Pokémon games to describe the four sub bosses before the final boss.


  1. Web Novel Chapter 15 # 108


Elite Four
Member: Kousaka Masanobu  •  Baba Nobuharu  •  Yamagata Masakage  •  Naito Masatoyo
Subordinate: Tsubaki
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