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Elze Silhoueska (エルゼ・シルエスカ Eruze Shiruesuka?) is one of Touya Mochizuki's wives[6]. She is the older one of the Silhoueska twins[11] who were saved by Touya from being swindled. As melee warrior, she trains under Takeru Mochizuki together with Ende. She currently lives with Touya and everyone else at Brunhild Dukedom.


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Elze Silhoueska Anime
Elze's daily attire.
Elze LolitaGoth
Elze wears lolita goth dress from Touya.
Elze Mismede
Elze when attending Kingdom of Mismede's welcome party.
Elze PostSlime
Elze after her clothes dissolved by slime.
Elze Swimsuit
Elze wears bikini.
Elze WedImagine
Elze as bride based on her imagination.

Elze is a girl in her middle teenage years with green eyes and waist length silver hair, of which two bunches of hair are held in two "sleeves" near her face. She wears green culotte shorts that have a green bow on the small of her back. Under her shorts, she wears a long-sleeved purple shirt with a white center. Under her shirt, Elze is shown to wear long (reaching past her elbows) white gloves with small ribbons. Her knee-length boots follow the same regime, being purple and having white-rimmed purple socks, and just like her gloves being white, the foot areas of the boots are also white. She also wears a turquoise necktie which features a metal clip near her neck. This clip is similarly shaped to the astrological symbol of Pluto, which is also found on her shorts.


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Elze is sincere, optimistic, and candid. She always has some foresight in most situations. Save a topic, Elze is one of the least shy characters to appear in the series. She gladly prods Touya with dirty jokes, and she sometimes reveals perverted situations that could happen as seen when she was explaining why she did not want to fight a mega slime, a monster made entirely of acidic slime. She has been shy on the topic of her appearance, and this is what brings out her "tsundere" behavior.

Additionally, Elze is also shy on the topic of her femininity. In addition to having a more hot-headed personality than Linze, her breasts are also much smaller. She grew out her hair in a vain attempt to increase her femininity, but only started showing more confidence upon meeting Touya


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Because of their parents having passed away[12], Elze and her sister Linze Silhoueska lived with their uncle, Joseph, and aunt, Rana, in a small town called Collete Town (コレットの町 Koretto no Machi?) in the Refreese Imperium, near the border with Kingdom of Belfast, until they were 12-years old[13]. Since then, Elze and her twin sister started doing quest through the Adventurers Guild. When Elze and Linze were 13-years old, they were delivering a crystal antler to Reflet Town (リフレットの町 Rifuretto no Machi?) for a quest, despite the latter's objection. Almost being swindled by the requester, she and her twin sister were saved by Touya Mochizuki[14].


the twins

Elze and her sister Linze Silhoueska were in an alleyway, trading with the men who had requested the crystal antler. However, the twins were being scammed by the men, who refused to pay the proper amount. Overhearing their argument, Touya decided to help the sisters by asked them to sell the item to him. He then shattered the antler and knocked down the scammers easily. He paid the twins a gold coin as promised. As both Touya and the girls just arrived at the town, the twin sisters also decided to stay at the Silver Moon[15]. Having the same intention, Touya and the twins went to apply to the Adventurers Guild together. They decided to do their first quest, a hunting job with a reward of 18 copper coins. Upon registering the quest, Touya realized that he had no weapon at hand. At Eight Bears Weapon Shop, they met the shop owner, Barral and Touya bought his first weapon, a katana for 2 gold coins[16]. After spending 2 hours walking to the East forest, they were ambushed by lone-horned wolves. Fortunately, the wolves were the required beast for their quest. The wolves were defeated effortlessly because of Touya's swordsmanship, Elze's boxing skill and Linze's Fire Magic. From this hunt, they able to get 6 horns from the wolves, exceeding the required 5. After finishing the task, they went to local cafe, Parent. On their way, Touya asked the twins to teach him how to read and write their alphabet, as it was inconvenience for him. On top of that, Touya also asked them to teach him how to utilize magic, which shocked the twins[17]. Having his abilities boosted by God, Touya seemed confident about his magic ability. Then Linze explained the process to find out one's magic aptitude.

Elze and Linze tell Touya that even though they are twins, they possess different magic aptitudes. Surprisingly, Touya had a far superior magical capacity than Linze. Having ruined their table, they left the shop and Linze taught him how to read and write for the rest of the day[18]. The next day, Touya and Linze went to the backyard of Silver Moon while Elze left for the guild's quest. To Linze's admiration, Touya had magic aptitude for all attribute which is extremely rare. He even can used Null Magic, which is a personalized magic, by casting 「Gate」, a portal spell. The portal opened at the East Forest, where they ran into Elze[19]. Back at the inn, Touya and Linze saw Micah working in the kitchen with Aer, the owner of the Parent cafe. When Aer asked for new menu for her shop, Touya introduced them to ice cream. With help from his smartphone, he got the ice cream recipe, and Linze's ice magic, which is sub-category for Water Magic, they was able to make the ice cream. Aer was delighted with the result and thanked both of them. On the other hand, Elze was annoyed when she knew that she couldn't taste the new menu item[20].


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Linze Silhoueska

Her younger twin sister.

Touya Mochizuki

Her fiance and later husband

Leon Blitz

A general serving in the Kingdom of Belfast. During her time in Belfast she would be seen training with him in her spare time due to their similar combat styles.


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  • Brawler (武闘士 Futoushi?) - Elze is a fist-fighter which is known as "Brawler" in this world[21].
  • Strength - To aid her close combat capabilities, Elze is stronger than normal.
  • Agility - To aid her close combat capabilities, Elze is more agile than normal. This is seen throughout the series as she dropkicks many with ease.
  • Null Magic - She is able to use Null magic spell, Boost[22]. After receiving engagement ring from Touya Mochizuki, she is able to use Accel, Storage, and Transfer while using the ring[5].
  • Improved Fighting Power - It is Elze's "Dependent Trait" (眷属特性 Kenzoku Tokusei?). As a "Retainer" (眷属 Kenzoku?) of Takeru Mochizuki, she is bestowed by the god's divine power with increased fighting power[23].


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  • Gauntlets[24] - Elze used gauntlets for her equipment since her first appearance in the series. These gauntlets are broken during her quest for capturing certain thieves[25].
  • Greaves[26] - Elze used greaves as her leg protector. She bought it at Eight Bears Weapon Shop while Touya bought his katana.
  • Metallic Green Gauntlet[27] - Elze used a magic-enchanted gauntlet for replacing her last broken gauntlets. The gauntlet has high magic defense and wind attribute for repelling long distance attacks. She bought it at Berkut Armor Shop in pair but only use one half of it.
  • Red and Gold Gauntlet[27] - Elze used a magic-enchanted gauntlet for replacing her last broken gauntlets. The gauntlet is able to accumulate magic power and transform it into physical attack burst. She bought it Berkut Armor Shop in pair but only use one half of it.
  • Phrasium Gauntlets[28] - Elze received gauntlets made of Phrasium (crystal material) which is a pile bunker type from Touya. Each gauntlet has a drill attached on it that will release upon contact and retract back to its original position.
  • Gerhilde[29] - Elze's exclusive Frame Gear which is a hand-to-hand combat assault type FG.
  • Engagement Ring[5] - Elze received diamond ring made of platinum metal as engagement ring from Touya Mochizuki. The ring is magically self-fit and also enchanted with Accel, Storage, and Transfer by Touya which allows her to utilize them. Because Elze's main weapon is gauntlets and using ring would hinder her dexterity, she wears the ring as necklace using mithril chain that Touya also gave her.
  • Sacred Ring[30] - Elze received platinum gold ring from World God as wedding gift which was given through the great spirits. The ring is a sacred treasure which can act as receiver for Touya's divine power.


  • "Leave it to me.. I'll hit you if you forget about that." - Elze before her wedding kiss[31].


  • Elze wears Pluto Astronomical Symbol on her tie and shorts.
Pluto Symbol on Elze's tie
Pluto Astronomical Symbol
  • She has a tendency to make any food she cooks extremely spicy due to her abnormal resiliency as stated by Linze[32]
  • She can get easily embarrassed when confronted with overly romantic or unexpected situations especially when Touya is involved which leads to her attacking him though this is usually unintentional (such as when she attacked Touya when he tried to kiss her).


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