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The Four Divine Beasts are a group of divine beasts which had been summoned and currently being contracted by Touya Mochizuki.


Divine Beasts (神獣 Shinjuu?) are a legendary type of summoned beasts and, as the name suggests, they are divine being. By the nature of the summoning magic, anyone with dark attribute aptitude have chance to summon one of the divine beast[1]. Fusing one's magic with one of the divine beast's magic and enchanting special summoning spell will allow the summoner to summon the other divine beast directly[2][3][4]. Certain requirement needs to be fulfilled prior making contract with the summoned beast and because the divine beasts are high class summon, a higher stake of request is possible[5].

The first divine beast being introduced is the White Tiger (白虎 Byakko?), the White Monarch (白帝 Byakutei?)[6]. She was summoned when Touya Mochizuki was learning the summoning magic under supervision of Yumina. Her request was to test the quantity and the quality of the magic of her summoner by pouring magic on to her. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on the point of view), Touya has immense amount of mana and also able to replenish his mana extremely fast which pressure able to easily knock Kohaku unconscious. She received Kohaku (琥珀 Kohaku?) as her name[7].

The second divine beast being summoned is the Genbu (玄武 Genbu?), the Black Monarch (玄帝 Gentei?)[2]. This unison of giant tortoise and black serpent beast was summoned by Touya Mochizuki after fusing his summoning spell with Kohaku's magic. They was summoned to help Touya entering one of teleportation magic circle. Their request was to defeat them until the sun set. Using spell combination of 「Slip」 and 「Accel」, Touya sadistically made them rolling continuously on themselves until the fight reached the time limit [8]. After being ridiculously defeated, they are named Kokuyou (黒曜 Kokuyou?) & Sango (珊瑚 Sango?)[9].

The third divine beast being summoned is The Vermillion Bird, the Flame Monarch (炎帝 Entei?)[3]. She was summoned by Touya Mochizuki after fusing his summoning spell with Kohaku's, Kokuyou's, and Sango's magicThe Vermillion Bird. Touya needed her minions, the bird beasts, to help him find another Babylonian ruin. After surprisingly saw that Touya already had made contract with two of her colleagues, she calmly asked Touya about her name directly without making any request. She was then named Kougyoku (紅玉 Kougyoku?)[3].

The last divine beast being summoned is the The Azure Dragon (青竜 Seiryū?), the Azure Monarch (蒼帝 Sōtei?)[4]. She was summoned by Touya Mochizuki after fusing his summoning spell with Kohaku's, Kokuyou's, Sango's, and Kougyoku's magic. She was called after several incident that involving dragons and wyvern. She was interested with Touya's ability that able to take down all her divine friends. On testing fight, Touya used both [Acceleration] and [Gravity] spell to push the dragon's body down. After some difficulties to tried to get up, she realized her foolishness. Being able to cast a strong [Gravity] which require enormous amount of mana while also wasted his mana to manifest all the other divine beast without losing any beat was not an ordinary task. After admitting her defeat, she then named Luli (瑠璃 Luli?)[4].


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  • Intimidation Aura: All divine beasts are able to release suppressing aura that render all individual, which have lower magic level in respect to the divine beast, becomes immobile.
  • Long-Ranged Telepathic Communication: All divine beasts are able to make telepathic communication among themselves and with their master regardless the distance. They also able to include other people into their communication line.
  • Form Transformation: All divine beasts are able to change their menacing true form appearance into cute young beast form (Child Form) and back as they pleased.

Four Divine Beasts Members

Given Name Epithet True Form Monarch Direct Summoning Spell
(琥珀 Kohaku?)
The White Monarch
(白帝 Byakutei?)
White Tiger
(白虎 Byakko?)
The King of Beasts
(獣の王 Kemono no Ō?)
Not Shown
Kokuyou and Sango
(黒曜 & 珊瑚 Kokuyou & Sango?)
The Black Monarch
(玄帝 Gentei?)
Black Tortoise
(玄武 Genbu?)
The King of Scaled Creatures
(鱗の王 Uroko no Ō?)
「Oh the one ruling the winter and water, north and high mountains. Answer my call, make your appearance here」


(紅玉 Kougyoku?)
The Flame Monarch
(炎帝 Entei?)
Vermilion Bird
(朱雀 Suzaku?)
The King of Birds
(鳥の王 Tori no Ō?)
「Oh the one ruling the summer and flame, south and lakeshores. Answer my call, make your appearance here」


(瑠璃 Luli?)
The Azure Monarch
(蒼帝 Sōtei?)
Azure Dragon
(青竜 Seiryū?)
The King of Dragons
(竜の王 Ryū no Ō?)
「Oh the one ruling the spring and trees, east and larger rivers. Answer my call, make your appearance here」



  • This group mostly based on the four Chinese constellation mythological creatures which consist of Azure Dragon of the East, Vermilion Bird of the South, White Tiger of the West, and Black Turtle of the North.
  • Mostly of their given name are based on the name of Gemstone.
  • It later revealed that most of them are female, leaving only Kokuyou as a male of the group[4].


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