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TouyaSpoil.PNG Spoiler Alert: The following article has information not currently present in the anime or manga. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Freigard Mochizuki (望月フレイガルド Mochizuki Fureigarudo?) is the second daughter of Touya Mochizuki with Hildegard Minas Lestia.


Her hair was blonde, cut down to her shoulders, has beautiful blue eyes, and wore a piece of light armor about her chest which is looked similar to her Mother’s her gauntlets and grieves were a fair bit bulkier. Noted by her father she looks just like her mother; though her hair and eye shape are more similar to Touya


She is more casual and lax than her mother who was prim and proper. Despite her lax aura she has very firm resolve. She has a staunch sense of justice clearly wasn’t the kind of person who tolerated wicked acts a trait inherited from her mother. Noted by Quun out of all my siblings, she’s the scariest when she’s angry. She is also a weapon junkie like collecting weapons.


Master Weaponry - Aside from swordsmanship, she's a talented all-rounder which she can use any type of weapon. Her main strength was her adaptability and versatility on the battlefield. Due to her fighting style is oriented around swapping out weapons from her storage to suit the situation.

Null Spell - She has two null spell Storage and Power Rise.