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The God of Alcohol (酒神 Sakeshin?) is one of the lesser gods. She is pretending to be Touya's cousin and the second daughter of Kōsuke Mochizuki using the alias Suika Mochizuki (望月 (もちづき) 酔花 (すいか) Mochizuki Suika?).


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The God of Alcohol is a little girl with transparent-looking long blue hair. She appears near Sue's age[citation needed].


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She is a drunkard who loves drinking alcoholic drinks[citation needed]. As the god of Alcohol, she is immune to intoxication from Divine World liquor, so she drinks as much as possible when manifested in the lower world


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The God of Alcohol first appeared when she several other gods descended from the Divine Realm to meet with Touya who had become a dependent of the World God.


Touya Mochizuki

Touya finds the God of Alcohol to be a huge nuisance, especially in Brunhild, because she scares guild patrons; he calls her the "little goblin". He still cares for her. Suika sees Touya as a member of her family, and likes inviting him to drink with her.


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"Hic..." -The God of Alcohol every few words when speaking


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  • Her alias, Suika, is written in kanji as 酔花, which literally means "drunk flower".
  • Like Karen, she's a source of irritation to Touya. Because Touya has to pay for Suika's alcoholic lifestyle.



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