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TouyaSpoil.PNG Spoiler Alert: The following article has information not currently present in the anime or manga. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

The God of Combat (武神 Bushin?) is a god from the divine realm that excels in hand-to-hand combat. He is pretending to be one of Touya Mochizuki's uncles under the alias Takeru Mochizuki (望月 (もちづき) 武道 (たける) Mochizuki Takeru?).[1]


Takes on the appearance of a charcter from a fighting game. Has a short hair, and a well-trained muscles beneath dogi-like clothing. A headband on his forehead, thick eyebrows and sharp eyes, as well as a tightly closed mouth.[2].


He's boisterous and jovial, expressing a lot of energy. It's noted he treats ladies much kinder than men when training them.

Aside from this, he's a great combat teacher; helping Ende and Elze reach greater heights in their abiltes.


He descended from the Divine Realm to meet and train his chosen disciple (Ende), he is staying on earth under the pretense of being Touya's Uncle, after Touya introduces him, Elze swiftly went toward him and he asked her to come to training with Ende.





  • His alias, Takeru, is written in kanji as 武道, which literally means "way of battle".


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  2. Web Novel Arc 28 Chapter #339,Touya describes the man standing behind him, that is Takeru.


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