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The God of Swords (剣神 Kenjin?) is a goddess from the Divine Realm who excels in sword technique. She is pretending to be Touya Mochizuki's second older sister the under alias Moroha Mochizuki (望月諸刃 Mochizuki Moroha?).


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The God of Swords appears as a woman with short purplish silver hair and white skin. According to Touya, she has a gallant type of beauty.[1]


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The God of Swords is a woman who enjoys testing her abilities in combat. As opposed to the God of Love, she takes her duties in Brunhild seriously. She has a gallant personality and values honor, but seems to be unaware of how overpowered she is. Still, she seems very relaxed.


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She descended from the Divine Realm to assist the God of Love in retrieving the rogue servant god. She was first seen aiding one of the tribes in the Great Sea of Trees during the Pruning Ceremony before being introduced to Yumina and the others as one of his older sisters. After the awakening of Touya's divinity, she has been teaching him how to control the release of his powers.


Touya Mochizuki

Like Karen, Moroha thinks of Touya as her little brother. Touya, on his part, seems to get along with her much better than he does with Karen, although he needs to restrain her sometimes. Moroha also acts as Touya's mentor when it comes to utilizing his divinity, as her style of using it (for combat purposes) is very similar to his.


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  • Divinity Release (神威解放 (しんいかいほう) Shini-kaihō?) - God of Swords has a dazzling divine aura which will overwhelm other lower beings. She can control this aura intensity at will. According to Touya, God her divine aura is gold mixed with sky-blue colored[2].
  • Swordsmanship Expertise[3] - As the God of Swords, she possesses an extraordinary swordsmanship technique and knowledge. She also able to point out other people swordsmanship's weakness and how to strengthen them.



  • According to the character introduction[4]:
    1. She becomes Brunhild's swordfighting consultant.
    2. She has a gallant personality however she is also somewhat of a natural airhead.
  • Her alias, Moroha, is written in kanji as 諸刃, which literally means "The Edges of the Many Blades", indicating her specialty in sword- and blade-based combats.


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