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The God of the Hunt (狩猟神 Shuryōshin?) is a goddess from the Divine Realm who is an expert on hunting. She is pretending to be one of Touya's cousins and the eldest daughter of Kōsuke Mochizuki using alias Karina Mochizuki (望月 (もちづき) 狩奈 (かりな) Mochizuki Karina?)


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As expected of her identity, she enjoys hunting animals in her spare time.


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Befitting her status at the God of Hunting, Karina is experienced in combat with hunting tools and techniques. As noted by Galen Lestia, Karina has no openings what-so-ever even in a social setting; and this is lofty praise from a mortal who was worthy of Gold Rank as an Adventure.

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  • She is working as a adventurer and takes on subjugation requests[1]
  • Her alias, Karina, is written in kanji as 狩奈, which contains the kanji 狩, meaning to hunt


  1. Web Novel Chapter 26 # 260


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