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Gollems (ゴレム Goremu?) are man-made machines that can be located in the Reverse World.


Gollems were created during a great civil war many untold years ago. Many people believe that gollems were created by a engineer by the name of Chrom Ranchesse who hailed from one of the ancient kingdoms.

Types of Gollems

  • Legacy Models
    • Crown Series: they have a nasty surprise for use of their power.
    • Etoile Series: look like human maids.
    • Beast Emperor
  • Factory Models
    • Transport Series

Notable Gollems

  • Rouge: A red colored Legacy Model Gollem that is currently under the ownership of the leader of Red Cats, a group of thieves, Nia. One of the Crown Series. Also known as "Blood Rouge". It has an exclusive Over Gear, for itself and Nia, called Tiger Rouge. To use it's power, the contractor has to offer his/her blood.
    • Will kill its owner if they require at least a third of their blood.
  • Viola: A violet colored Legacy Model Gollem. It is currently under the ownership of Luna. Also known as "Fanatic Viola". It was later then became a normal Gollem after Touya destroyed an artifact inside it, causing it to lose it's power as a crown. To use it's power, it cost is to lose his/her sanity of its contractor.
    • Will kill its master once they are beyond help and seek a new maser.
  • Blau: A blue colored Legacy Model Gollem. It is currently owned by Robert, Prince of Panashes Kingdom. Also known as "Distortion Blau". It has an exclusive Over Gear which has a figure of a Deer. To use it's power, the contractor offers his lucidity of his/her consciousness.
    • Cost will cause owner to sleep chunks of their lives away.
  • Noir: A black colored Legacy Model Gollem. Also known as "Chronos Noir". Currently owned by Norn. It has an exclusive Over Gear called Lion Noir. everytime it uses its power, the contractor has physical age regress. If used carefully, the master of Noir can effectively become pseudo-immortal, but still killable by other means.
  • Albus: A white colored Legacy Model Gollem. Also known as "Illuminati Albus". Yumina is it's Sub-Owner. To use its power, the contractor lost some of his/her memories.
    • Price cannot be paid due to being linked to Belfast bloodline; with original contractor dead.
  • Grun: A green colored Legacy Model Gollem. Also known as "Grand Grun". It is owned by the Elf King in the Reverse Continent. The price of it's power is hunger.
  • Fenir: A wolf-type Gollem owned by Dr. Elka.

Notable Owners



No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!
  • The blue, white and purple golems have the shared theme of damaging their owner's mind in exchange for power; be it awareness, memory or sanity. Continued use would permanently alter the owner.
  • Factory model gollems were created by people who analyzed Legacy model gollems and created mass produced gollems.
  • Legacy Model gollems can possess special abilities and can also have the ability to speak in the human language.
  • Some Legacy Model gollems can have special abilities that can negatively affect their respective owner.
  • Many gollems can still be found within ancient ruins scattered throughout the Reverse World.