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The Hangar of Babylon (バビロンの「格納庫」 Babiron no "Kakunōko"?) is one of the nine legacies left behind by the genius doctor Regina Babylon. It was created during the period of the ancient Partheno Civilization approximately 5000 years ago. It was later discovered by Touya Mochizuki and is managed and controlled by the gynoid Fredmonica. It is the fourth piece of Babylon to be discovered by Touya.[1]


The Hangar is where the Frame Gears and other vehicles are stored, such as tanks and flying machines. It acts as a vehicle and Frame Gear storage facility for the combined Babylon[1] It has an area for launching completed Frame Gears as well as other vehicles.[2] It can also recover deployed Frame Gear units by use of a special cable.[2] The Hangar itself is bestowed with a special magic that allows it appear larger on the inside then on the outside.[1] It also has a magic applied to it that prevents deterioration or corrosion.[3] It is mostly used to construct, store & repair Frame Gears and their weapons as well as storing various other machines and devices that cannot be stored in the Warehouse.

The teleportation circle for the Hangar is located on a lone island in the ocean due west from the Burning Kingdom of Sandora and southwest from the Brunhild Dukedom.[4] The island on which it is located contains a variety of magical beasts that could serve as a natural defense system for the teleportation circle[speculation]. The circle itself was placed inside a black luster pyramid that is approximately 10 meters long and wide on each side and 8 meters high. The pyramid itself is immune to to natural deterioration as well as extreme changes in temperature.[1] The entrance can only be accessed by a person that possesses magic, this is done by placing a hand into a small opening, this would then trigger a magical switch that would then open the door to the circle.(It is unknown which attribute activates the switch)[5]

Known Stored Equipment

  • Old Model Frame Gears
  • New Model Frame Gears
  • Frame Gears Weapons and Equipment
  • Gungnir (high speed flying boat)


  • It is unknown how many Frame Gears can be stored in the Hangar
  • There were 10 old model Frame Gears stored there when it was discovered by Touya
  • By the time of the second Phrase invasion of Rhodemea Touya had approximately 250 or more Frame Gears ready for active use (excluding his fiancee's units)[citation needed]
  • When Cesca mentions the various pieces of Baylon in the anime, she doesn't mention the Hangar; instead she mentions a grainery, suggesting it doesn't exist in that version or was simply an error in the script.


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