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Jamukha Blau Mismede (ジャムカ・ブラウ・ミスミド Jamuka Burau Misumido?) is the current ruler of the Kingdom of Mismede.


Jamukha is a tall muscular Snow Leopard beastman around his early fifties. He has white hair and a beard.


Jamukha is a friendly, jovial king who enjoy's competitions. He is usually too free spirited when it comes to his duties as a king, much to his ministers annoyances.


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  • Swordsmanship[citation needed] - Jamukha is shown to be proficient at wielding a sword.
  • Magic[citation needed] - Jamukha is a Null Magic user. his magic is called Accel and allows him to move at a fast speed.




  1. Web Novel Arc 6 Chapter #44,King Jamukha uses Accel on his spar with Touya.


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