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Kingdom of Belfast (ベルファスト王国 Berufasuto Ōkoku?) is one of the countries found in the world Touya was sent to. It is located in the western Europa continent and also the second largest country in the west[1]. The country largest and capital city is Alephis Capital City. The country has relatively peaceful atmosphere thanks to the good management from its king, Tristwin Ernes Belfast[2]. This country founded the West Alliance together with Kingdom of Mismede which later evolved into the World Alliance[3][4].


The Kingdom of Belfast is borders 4 countries, which are Refreese Imperium to the west, across the Melicia Mountain Range (メリシア山脈 Merishia Sanmyaku?) with the Regulus Empire and Brunhild Dukedom to the east, and the Kingdom of Mismede to the south, across the Great Gau River (ガウの大河 Gau no Taiga?). The kingdom's economy is greatly supported by its large sewing industry which mostly comes from their famous commodity, silk fabric. The country's sewing industries can be found on Killua Province[2].

The capital city, Alephis, was built-up on the banks of Lake Palette which received its water from a large waterfall behind the royal castle[2]. The royal castle is located in the center of the city. The city itself is divided into two rings around the castle, the inner ring and outer ring. In the inner ring is inhabited by the royalty, the noblemen, and great merchants. The outer ring is further separated into Eastern, Western, and Southern district while leaving the northern district for the Lake Palette. Many rich people live in the Western District of the city[5]. The current capital city is a new capital city where the old one was left abandoned into ruins[6].

Belfast's military is divided into 2 different groups, the soldier army and the knight order. The army is responsible for military aggression toward other country, like defending the country from other country invasion or invading other country. While the knight order is responsible for the law and order of the country.[7]

Since long ago, the Kingdom of Belfast has already develop good relation with the Refreese Imperium. However, the country had bad relationship with the Regulus Empire after a war happened around 20 years ago which was ended with a nonaggression pact. On the other hand, because of the racism of the older generation merchants toward beastmen, it had been difficult for the kingdom to form a relation with the Kingdom of Mismede.[8] Their hostile relation then repaired after they had summit conference between each country with help from Touya Mochizuki[3][9]. Kingdom of Belfast also has a strong friendly relationship with Brunhild Dukedom, since the country's monarch has strong connections to Belfast's royal family. Additionally, said monarch lived in this country before the duchy's establishment.

This country has received many new culture from Touya Mochizuki. The first ice cream[10], first shogi board[11], first bicycle[12] were made in this country.

Royal Family

Royal Family Member
Tristwin thumb.png Yuel thumb.png Alfred thumb.png Ellen thumb.png Yumina thumb.png
The King
The Queen
The Duke
The Duchess
The 1st Princess
File:Yamato thumb.png Sue thumb.png File:Edward thumb.png
The 1st Prince
The Lady
The Lord

Notable People


  • Alephis Capital City (王都アレフィス Ōto Arefisu?) - the capital city of Kingdom of Belfast. The city also referred to as "the City of Lakes (湖の都 Mizūmi no Miyako?)". The Embassy Building of Brunhild Dukedom is located at the west district[13] and Touya's reading cafe, Reading Moon, is located at the south district of this city[14].
  • Lake Palette (パレット湖 Paretto Mizūmi?)
  • The Town of Reflet (リフレットの町 Rifuretto no Machi?)[15] - the first town that Mochizuki Touya visited. This town is the location of Fashion King Zanac Gallery, Aer's Parent Coffee Shop, Silver Moon Inn and Eight Bears Weapon Shop.
  • Nolan Town (ノーランの町 Nōran no Machi?)[16]
  • Amanesque Town (アマネスクの町 Amanesuku no Machi?)[16].
  • Canaan Town (カナンの町 Kanan no Machi?)[17] - is the southernmost town of the kingdom.
  • Killua Province (キルア地方 Kirua Chihō?)[2] - a major sewing industrial region of the kingdom.
  • Old Royal Capital Ruins[6] - the original capital city from around 1000 years ago before the capital was being transferred to the current capital city. It has hidden underground ruin which had an inactive Phrase inside.
  • Slime Castle
  • East Forest[18] - a forest east of Reflet where the lone-horned wolves reside.
  • Rocky Mountains[19] - rocky mountains where the tiger-bears reside.
  • Alain River (アレーヌの川 Arēnu no Kawa?)[20] - river at the south of the Town of Reflet.
  • South Forest[20] - a forest across the Alain river from the Town of Reflet and a place where the King Apes reside.


  • The Kingdom of Belfast mainly resembles Europe as all the buildings and people are depicted with medieval European architecture and fashion. This is further supported by the fact that Belfast is also the name of the capital city of Northern Ireland.
  • This country is where Touya mainly resides before the creation of the Brunhild Dukedom.


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