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The Kingdom of Elfrau (エルフラウ王国 Erufurau Ōkoku?) is one of the countries located in the world Touya Mochizuki was sent to. It is bordered by the Regulus Empire to the south


The Kingdom of Elfrau was founded 1200 years before the start of the story. The land where the kingdom resides was originally unfit for people to live in, but thanks to the efforts of an adventurer named El Carterede and a displaced group known as the Frau Clan that was reclaimed.[1] El Carterede would later become the first (and possibly only) King of Elfrau marrying the current (and only) Queen in the process.

Family Tree of the Monarchy

Notable People

  • El Carterede: The first King of Elfrau as well as a former adventurer
  • Fortuna Tierra Elfrau: The current Queen of the Kingdom of Elfrau and also the aunt of the manager of the Brunhild branch of the Adventurer's Guild Rerisha Mirian.
  • Alexei: The captain of a group of soldiers that were sent to track a behemoth that attacking the country.


  • The Queen of Elfrau is possibly the oldest and longest ruling known monarch to appear.
  • Elfrau is likely based on Russia, it is cold, sparsely populated, and barren (and pretty hard to invade), People dress in a very Russian manner, and some people have Russian sounding names


  • Slanien:The Capital City of Elfrau


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