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The Kingdom of Hannock (ハノック王国 Hanokku Ōkoku?) is one of the countries that exist in the world that Touya Mochizuki was sent to


The Kingdom of Hannock is a country that is bordered by the Yulong Remnants (formerly the Yulong Heavenly Empire) to the east and is adjacent to both the Kingdom of Elfrau and the Regulus Empire to the west by the crossing the river.


The Yulong Heavenly Empire attempted to invade the kingdom, and take their natural resources for their own purposes. This was halted by the efforts of Touya.

Family Tree of the Monarchy

Notable People


  • Hanookhs: The capital city of the Kingdom of Hannock
  • Quint Village: A village located in the eastern end of the kingdom[1]


  • Twenty years before the Phrase Invasion a small country by the name of Zaram was located between the Kingdom of Hannock and the Yulong Remnants, but it was conquered and destroyed by Yulong's army.


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