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The Knight Kingdom of Lestia (レスティア騎士王国 Resutia Kishi Ōkoku?) is one of the countries found in the world Touya Mochizuki was sent to. When Touya visited the kingdom, it was ruled by Reid Yunas Lestia before he retired and gave the throne to his son, Reinhard Yunas Lestia[1]. This kingdom is also a member of the World Alliance.


The country was founded 291 years ago prior to the series. It was established after the first king found a sword, an enchanted broadsword which then being called as sacred sword which helped ending the disputes on the area where soon-to-be the knight kingdom. The sword is actually an 「Artifact」 called the Recovery Blade (治癒の剣 Chiyu no Ken?)[2] which fell from the Storehouse and was made by Regina Babylon.[1]

The kingdom is bordering with Felsen Magic Kingdom on the north and Kingdom of Ryle on the west. The relationship between the kingdom and its neighbors have becoming better on recent years where they used to be hostile toward each other. Rondo Sea (ロンド海 Rondo Umi?) is located on the center of the four kingdoms, which are the Knight Kingdom, Felsen Magic Kingdom, Kingdom of Ryle, and Roadmare Union. On the center of the sea, there is an island called Enlush Island (エンラッシュ島 Enrasshu Shima?) which used be infested with beast before Touya moved them to a new place. Bridges was built by Touya in three days for connecting the four kingdom via Enlush Island which can be used as a new trading route.[3][4]

Family Tree of the Monarchy


Note: ‡ current monarch

Notable People

  • Galen Yunas Lestia: the former king of the kingdom. He is one of only two gold rank adventurers. He used to be a commoner but then was married to the noble family. Has a dirty streak, and enjoys groping women’s behinds.
  • Reid Yunas Lestia: the former king of the kingdom after his father, Galen.
  • Esther Minas Lestia: the former queen of the kingdom and mother of Reinhard and Hilde.
  • Reinhard Yunas Lestia: the current king of the kingdom and Hilde's older brother.


  • Lestein: The capital of the Knight Kingdom of Lestia[5]
  • Merica: A city located in the southern region of Lestia that became a target for the Phrase and the subordinate god.


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