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Kougyoku (紅玉 Kōgyoku?) formerly known as The Flame Monarch (炎帝 Entei?) is a companion and contracted beast of Touya on his journey. She is one of the Four Heavenly Beasts and also the leader of the Birds.


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Kougyoku's true form is a bright red bird as big as a horse which resembles a phoenix. She intuitively changed her appearance in a similar way to the Kohaku's form.[1]


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Kougyoku has a calm and gentle demeanor. She is shown as a perceptive creature as she intuitively guessed Touya's ability based on how he already got Kohaku and Kokuyou and Sango and she changes her appearance accordingly before being told to do so.[1]


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The Flame Emperor (炎帝 Entei?) which later known as, Kougyoku, is one of the divine beasts that can manifest in the world once every few decades or centuries unless she is summoned by a human. [2]She was summoned by Touya on the recommendation of Kohaku, Kokuyou & Sango (the White Monarch & the Black Monarch) in regards to locating the pieces of Babylon that were still missing. Upon realizing that Touya had earned the loyalty of both the White and Black Monarchs she quickly agreed to join Touya.


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  • Intimidation Aura: She is able to release suppressing aura that renders all individuals, which have lower magic levels in respect to the divine beast, becomes immobile.
  • Long-Ranged Telepathic Communication: She is able to make telepathic communication with their master and among the divine beasts regardless the distance. They also able to include other people into this communication line.
  • Form Transformation: She is able to change her menacing true form appearance into cute young beast form (Child Form) and back as she pleased.


"I see. Towards the one who is accompanied by 《The White Monarch》 and 《Genbu》, the result probably won't change no matter what I do. Let's make a master and servant contract. Mochizuki Touya-sama, grant me a name for the contract." - Kougyoku accepting Touya as her master.


  • According to the character introduction, although based on her appearance, she looks flashy, she actually has collected personality[3].
  • Her name, Kougyoku (紅玉), is the Japanese word for the gemstone Ruby.


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