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TouyaSpoil.PNG Spoiler Alert: The following article has information not currently present in the anime or manga. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Kuon Mochizuki (望月久遠 Mochizuki Kuon?) is the 8th child, and the first son of Touya Mochizuki with Yumina Ernea Belfast. As Touya's first male child, Kuon is to succeed his father as ruler for the Duchy of Brunhild.



Kuon looks just like his father Touya, but with the exact same hair and eye colors as his mother Yumina.



Kuon inherited two of his father's Null spells for defensive measures [Slip] and [Paralyze].

Seven-colored Mystic Eyes[1]

  • Green, the Mystic Eyes of Submission (臣従の魔眼 Shinjū no Mame?) - Turns animals and beast monsters into submission for 24 hours.
  • Yellow, the Mystic Eyes of Fixation (固定の魔眼 Kotei no Mame?) - Stops an object from moving as long as the eye contact is maintained.
  • Blue, the Mystic Eyes of Dispel (霧消の魔眼 Mushō no Mame?) - Neutralizes any magic spell.
  • White, the Mystic Eyes of Intuition (看破の魔眼 Kanpa no Mame?) - Has the same function as his mother Yumina's Mystic Eyes.
  • Red, the Mystic Eyes of Implosion (圧壊の魔眼 Akkai no Mame?) - Destroys an object.
  • Orange, the Mystic Eyes of Foresight (先見の魔眼 Senken no Mame?) - Has the same function as Yumina's Mystic Eyes.
  • Purple, the Mystic Eyes of Illusion (幻惑の魔眼 Senken no Mame?) - Shows illusion.




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