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Leon Blitz (レオン・ブリッツ Reon Burittsu?) is the general for the Belfastian military and the father of Lyon.[1]


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Leon is shown to be competitive with a boisterous attitude toward those he likes.


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He was first introduced in the series while he was attending to the King (while he was poisoned) . During this time he was introduced to Touya Mochizuki who was able to cure the King of his illness.


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  • Brawler[citation needed] - Leon is famous for his hand-to-hand combat, having been known to defeat groups with just his fighting skills.


  • Fire Enchanted-Gauntlets[citation needed] - Leon signature weapon is a pair of brown gauntlets that have fire enchantment on them. This is the source of his nickname Fire Fist Leon.
  • Enchanted-Mithril Gauntlets[citation needed] - At his request, Leon received a pair of mithril gauntlets from Touya that have been enchanted with Fire Mode (allowing him to keep his nickname), Stun Mode (which uses Paralyze) and Gravity, which increases the gauntlets weight by 200 fold for a second. The left gauntlet was also enchanted with Modeling to turn it into a shield, increasing Leon's defense.




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