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Light Novel Volume 1 is the 1st volume of the In Another World With My Smartphone light novel series.


  • Prologue (プロローグ?)
  • Chapter I - In Another World (異世界に立つ?)
  • Chapter II - The More the Merrier! Double the Joy, Half the Sorrow (旅は道連れ、世は情け?)
  • Chapter III - The Crystal Creature (水晶の怪物?)
  • Chapter IV - The Royal Family (王家の人々?)
  • Interlude I - The Adventurers (冒険者たち?)
  • Interlude II - A Day in the Capital (幕王都の一日?)

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In the Divine Realm, God reveals to Touya Mochizuki that he messed up and killed him by accidently throwing lightning down on Earth. Touya recalls being struck by lightning on while walking home from school in a storm as God bows and sincerely apologizes. God points out that Touya seems to be a bit too calm despite the fact he is now dead. Touya responds, saying he that while still is having a hard time believing it but what's done is done and there's no reason to point fingers.

Touya asks God what will happen to him now that he's dead. God reveals that he can resurrect Touya into another world of which Touya gladly accepts. God hears this and states that Touya is truly a wonderful person, and says to make up for his mistake, God is willing to grant any small favor for Touya when he is reincarnated. At this, Touya asks God about the world he is being sent to, and learning of the world's developmental stage, Touya requests that God make his smartphone function in said world. God replies it is possible but there will be restrictions such as no communication to anyone on Earth, as well as no texting, internet, or posting to social media. God does say search functions and internet browsing is alright. He also says he will give Touya his telephone number and will link the battery directly to magic so it stays charged.

Hearing this, Touya confusingly asks God if people actually use magic in this new world. God confirms this, and says that in due time Touya will be able to use it as well. God states he can't interfere with the lower world directly and so as a little present to Touya gives his basic abilities a boost in order to prevent him from dying too soon. After God tells Touya to call him on his new phone should he need advice, he smiles and says goodbye to Touya, who instantly passes out.

Chapter I - In Another World

Touya wakes up surrounded by mountains and plains. As Touya ponders where to go next, he is immediately contacted by God, who says that the phone's digital maps and compasses are fully functional in the new world and that he decided to transport Touya outside of town so as to not cause a commotion. He tells Touya to follow the map to the nearest town before ending the call, Touya looks at the map and decides to head for Reflet in the Kingdom of Belfast. Unfortunately, after walking for a while, Touya realizes he still lacks basic necessities to function, as Touya ponders about what to do, he notices a carriage heading towards him, the carriage stops a short way ahead of him and a mustached gentleman comes out, he is immediately fascinated with Touya's clothes and offers to trade them and in return will take Touya to Reflet, provide a new set of clothes and a generous sum of money. Touya accepts the deal and rides with the man (who introduces himself as Zanac Zenfield) to Reflet, during which Touya learns that Zanac works in the fashion industry, owning his own shop known as Fashion King Zanac. After three hours of travel, Touya finally arrives at Zanac's shop in Reflet. Upon seeing the sign of the shop, Touya realizes he cannot understand the local writing even though he can speak. Touya changes all of his clothes (including his underclothes) and Zanac pays him 10 gold coins for the trouble. Before he leaves, Touya asks Zanac if there is an inn to spend the night in Reflet. Zanac tells him to go to Silver Moon near his shop, Touya bids farewell to Zanac before heading toward the inn.

After walking for a while Touya eventually spots a building with the crescent moon sign indicating he has arrived at the inn. Touya enters and goes to the counter where a red-haired woman was working. Touya asks her for a room and when inquiring about the cost of stay per night, she answers that one night with two meals a day is worth two copper coins. Having no copper coins whatsoever, Touya asks the woman how many nights that he can stay at the inn for 1 gold coin, to which the woman replies it is worth fifty nights. Taken aback by the value of the currency, Touya pays for a month’s stay at the inn. When the woman requests Touya's name for the register he responds Mochizuki Touya, she thinks that Mochizuki is Touya's first name but he corrects her, upon hearing this the woman asks Touya if he is from Eashen due to his reversal of name and surname to which Touya vaguely confirms, Touya then orders lunch before checking out his room. After lunch, Touya bids farewell to the woman (who told him her name was Micah) before going for a walk through the town.

Touya notices that many people throughout town are carrying weapons ranging from axes, knives, swords to whips. Touya makes a mental note to buy one for himself and wonders how he intends to make a living in this world. As Touya wanders in thought, he hears voices arguing from a back alley of the main street and decides to investigate. Upon reaching the back alley, Touya finds two men who look like thugs quarreling with two girls over a deal involving "crystal deer antlers". Touya describes the girls as almost entirely identical save for a few differences such as one having longer hair and being full of energy while the other was neater and more composed. As the men are about to make off with the products, Touya intervenes and offers to buy the antlers from the girls instead. The men protest this but Touya simply destroys the antlers. Enraged, one of the men draws his knife and attacks Touya, to which Touya easily dodges before knocking him down with a move he learned from his grandfather, Touya attributes his newfound strength to the boost that God had given to his body and senses. With the knife-wielder dealt with, Touya turns around to find the long-haired girl handily taking down the other thug with her gauntlets. With both men down Touya hands the long-haired girl her gold coin as promised, the girls are grateful for Touya's assistance and introduce themselves as twins Elze and Linze Silhoueska, Touya gives his full name in reverse and just like Micah, the twins assume he is from Eashen, Touya wonders what kind of country Eashen is.

Since the twins too were looking for an inn to stay, they decide to head back to Silver Moon together. Once the twins were settled in, Touya has dinner with them and they chat about the botched deal earlier. Elze remarks that she should only take requests from the guild from now on, and tells her sister they should register tomorrow. Hearing this, Touya becomes interested in the guild and asks the twins if he can come with them to register himself, the twins agreed and the three of them return to their rooms for the night.

The next morning the trio head for the guild building in the middle of town, they register into the guild and learn the basics: the guild publicizes quests from individuals or groups, adventurers of that guild complete the quests and get paid with the guild collecting a small fee for their services, quests are color ranked in terms of difficulty. The trio learn certain rules of questing such as only one quest may be completed at a time and adventurers who fail to complete their quests get charged. The guild also tells the trio they will not interfere in any fights between adventurers unless it damages the guild in any fashion.

With their registration complete the trio are given special cards that indicate their identity and guild rank (black for all three of them). They look through the guild quests and decide to take on a hunt for five Lone-horned wolves in a forest east of Reflet, when Touya points out he lacks weapons they head to a weapons store where Elze gets herself some leg armor, Linze buys a silver wand and Touya settles on a sword that resembled a Japanese katana. They also stop at a general store for supplies before finally setting off.

Upon arriving at the forest, Touya realizes he has a "sixth sense" that allows him to accurately track his surroundings, which help him detect the lone-horned wolves before they appear. Elze swiftly dispatches two while Touya kills two more, Linze takes down the rest with Fire Magic. The trio cut off the horns as proof of completion and head back to the guild to claim their reward. The guild gives them their 18 copper coins as promised and Touya learns that their guild cards record the quantity and difficulty of quests completed with sufficient quests completed allowing them to move up in rank. Touya asks Linze if she can teach him how to read and write the local language which she agrees. Touya then asks Linze to teach him magic but she replies that depends on his aptitude, when he asks how to find out his aptitude Linze takes out several colored spellstones used specifically to test that. Touya takes the spellstone for Water Magic and attempts to cast a spell, which causes a large spray of water to burst out of the stone, amazed, the twins tell Touya he has an abnormal amount of magic. Later, Linze teaches Touya how to read and write, starting with simple sentences, during which Touya realizes he also has enhanced memory from God's gift. He searches Eashen on his map and notes how strikingly similar it is to Japan.

The next morning, Touya resumes his magic lessons with Linze, she tells him magic in this world is categorized into certain elements, each with their own unique spells with every person having an aptitude to one, more or none at all. She notes one particular element, Null as different from the others behaving more like a set of personal spells exclusive only to those who can cast it like Elze who can use Boost. Linze brings out the stones again and has Touya test his aptitude for them all, and much to her shock, Touya is capable of magic from all of the elements, including Null where he successfully casts the rare Gate Spell.

Later that day during lunchtime, Touya uses his phone to introduce ice cream as a new menu item for Micah's friend Aer and her cafe. Linze queries about this strange device to which Touya hastily covers his tracks, claiming it to be a magical item that only he can use, Linze is suspicious but does not pry any further. Despite some complications, the ice cream is a huge success with all the girls enjoying it. Touya remarks about the differences in advancement between his old world and this new one.

Chapter II - The More the Merrier! Double the Joy, Half the Sorrow

Touya, Linze, and Elze look for quests to do at the guild’s board. Touya practices his reading by suggesting a quest to hunt mega slimes in the northern ruins for 8 silver coins but the twins refuse, citing their dislike of slimes' ability to melt clothes. Instead, they opt to take a quest to deliver a letter to the capital for 7 silver coincidentally, for Zanac Zenfield. As Touya ponders about the travel time to the capital he realizes this trip is more beneficial since he will have easy access to the capital using Gate.

They meet up with Zanac who gives them the specifics of their quest, which is to deliver a letter to Viscount Swordrick in the capital, all traveling expenses will be paid for by Zanac and any remaining funds will be theirs to keep. With specifics taken care of the twins get supplies while Touya rents a carriage, Touya thinks the carriage he got was little more than a cart but it still beats walking, what's more the twins were good with animals and so took turns coaching the horses. They travel northward, passing through the town of Nolan before arriving at the town called Amanesque to rest for the day. After settling in the local inn, the trio went out around town to dinner, but as they were looking, they notice a scuffle taking place and decide to check it out. They find a foreign-looking girl wearing a kimono and wielding daisho blades facing off against several ruffians, they attack but she is able to knock some of them out, when she starts slowing down Touya blinds one of them with some Earth Magic before knock him out, Elze joins the fray and takes the rest of them down. The party leave when the town guards arrive to arrest the ruffians, and girl thanks the trio for their assistance before introducing herself as Kokonoe Yae. Upon hearing Yae state her name in reverse Touya asks if she is from Eashen, to which she confirms, specifically from Oedo, which Touya notes is the old name for Tokyo in Japan. After accidently letting slip of his true home, Touya tells Yae they can exchange pleasantries later once they find a place to eat. Once sat down, Yae reveals she is on a journey to improve her combat skills owing to her warrior heritage, she tells the trio she intends to meet someone in the capital who will help her. Since they were traveling to the same place, Touya's party convinces her to tag along with them, and they depart for the capital the next day. Touya feels ashamed for being unable to drive the carriage when even Yae could handle it, and so he buries himself in magic studying, where he finds out he can use any type of Null spell as long as he knows the name and effect, like Elze's Boost as well as Power Rise, he also casts Apport with some difficulty after reading a book of known Null spells he borrowed from Linze.

Three days into the journey Touya learns Slip and Long Sense, with the latter of which he uses to detect a high-class carriage with soldiers up ahead being attacked by lizardmen. The party race to the scene to rescue the group but the lizardmen numbers seem to be endless, Linze finds out why: there is a black-robed man calling the lizardmen with Summoning Magic to attack the carriage. Knowing this Touya knocks him down using Slip, and Yae finishes him off, after which the lizardmen all fade away. Touya asks if everyone is alright and when they confirm so, he goes to check on the guards, and they report seven casualties out of ten. Before they could say any more, a girl with long blonde hair looking only about ten years old calls out from the carriage for someone to help her "Gramps" who was fatally wounded with an arrow. Touya asks Linze if she can use healing magic on the old man but she says her magic is not strong enough. With no other option, Touya tries to heal him himself, he apports the arrow from the old man's body before quickly casting Cure Heal to close the wound, the girl cries tears of relief that her gramps is safe

After burying the fallen guards, the old man and the girl introduce themselves as Leim, servant of the Ortlinde household and Sushie Ernea Ortlinde, daughter of Duke Alfred Ernes Ortlinde, who is the younger brother of the King of Belfast, meaning Sushie is a noble. Upon hearing this, the girls bow down. But Sushie tells them there was no need for formalities and that they can call her Sue, when Touya asks what Sue was doing out of the capital, she tells him she was visiting her mother's family living out of town and were on their way back when her envoy was ambushed. Touya suspects the summoner's motive for the assault may have been to kidnap or assassinate Sue herself, unfortunately since Yae killed the attacker they cannot know for sure. Liem, in light of this, asks Touya's party if they can continue to guard Sue until they reach the capital, they agree and both vehicles depart, with one of the three remaining guards riding ahead to bring a message to her father about what had happened.

They safely arrive at the capital easily passing through checkpoints because of Sue and her family crest on the carriage, and continue through the city towards Sue's residence, where they are greeted by the servants and the Duke himself, who is grateful to Touya's party for saving his daughter, Touya introduces himself to the Duke and he too assumes Touya is from Eashen. The Duke invites them inside for tea and they discuss who might be behind the attack on Sue with little success. Sue later arrives and reveals her mother Ellen is blind due an earlier illness, with the only possible way to cure her being the Null spell Recovery from Sue's long deceased maternal grandfather. Hearing this the girls realize that since Touya can use any Null spell, he can try to learn to use Recovery on the Duchess. The Duke brings the party to his wife where Touya successfully casts the spell, and the family rejoice at her recovery.

The Duke is so thankful to Touya's party that he awards them 10 platinum coins (1 platinum being worth 10 gold coins) as well as a medal for each of them that has their crest that acts as support from the Duke's family. Touya's party then say goodbye to Sue and her family before continuing on their original quest. Yae reveals that the intended recipient of the letter, Viscount Swordrick, is the very man she is looking for being a former student of her father. They arrive at Swordrick's estate and give the letter to him, and as requested he gives them his reply but as they are about to leave, Swordrick recognises Yae as the daughter of Kokonoe Jubei, his former teacher. Yae explains to the Viscount that her father told her to seek him for matters of swordplay. At this the Viscount takes them to his garden styled like a Japanese dojo, there he tells Yae to choose a wooden sword before challenging her to a duel, which she loses. The Viscount tells Yae that while her swordplay was excellent, she must learn what she seeks from her blade and that she can come back to him when she does.

Yae looked down after her defeat so Elze suggests her to join Touya's party in Reflet where she can continue training which Yae accepts. Reflecting on the duel, Yae cannot figure out how the Viscount pulled off the finishing strike being so fast they could not process it, Touya then reveals that he recorded on the entire duel on his smartphone (which he passes off as his own Null spell) so they can analyze the fight. Yae watches the footage and figures out that Swordrick had used shadesword, a technique that turns fighting spirit into an illusory blade lifelike enough to fool the opponent, so when she tried to block the fake overhead strike, it left her open for the Viscount to hit her from the side. Realizing that Viscount was teaching her to create her own opportunities to strike she thanks Touya for the help and resolves to train harder.

Having extra money, the party decide to do some shopping in the capital, Touya goes out on his own to buy some armor that wouldn't hinder his agility. He learns that only enchanted leather armor is stronger than metal armor as well as agile and so heads to a nobles-only shop called Berkut. Touya notes the large number of beastfolk in the capital and meets a lost young Demi-human fox girl named Arma who was supposed to meet her older sister in a magic shop called Luca. Touya walks with her to the store where she reunites with sister, she thanks him for bringing her sister back and he continues on his way to Berkut. When he arrives, he shows them his newly acquired royal medal and they show the armors they have. Touya picks a white fur coat that resists offensive magic the wearer has an affinity to, perfect for him as he has all affinities. When Touya returned to Luca a while later does not see the Demi-human fox sisters, he looks around the store and buys a new book about Null magic before meeting with his party. Once gathered the party leave the capital on the cart where Touya can use Gate to instantly return to Reflet without attracting any attention, they head back to Silver Moon where they arrange a place for Yae and get introduced to Micah's father Dolan. The party gets treated to a celebratory dinner by Micah where Yae with her absurd metabolism proceeds to eat herself out of house and home.

Chapter III - The Crystal Creature

Touya, Elze, and Linze with Yae tagging along report to Zanac that they have delivered his letter, Touya gives him the Viscount's response and returns their travel funds, since earning Zanac’s trust is more important. They then head to the guild hall to claim their reward and register Yae into guild, with Yae eager to get started the party go to the board for more quests. Touya suggests the Mega slimes quest again but the girls including Yae just like before reject it. They settle on hunting some Tiger bears which they complete in merely two hours thanks to Touya's Gate, not wanting to take any more quests for the day the party celebrate Yae's integration to the guild and completing her first quest, Yae tries ice cream for the first time and she likes it, Aer asks Touya if he has other menu items to suggest to her.

Two weeks after the trip to the capital, Touya learns more useful null spells, Enchant, Paralyze, Modeling, and Search. He uses Modeling to recreate a Shogi board that Dolan immediately takes a liking to and constantly plays with Barral, the owner of the weapons store Touya got his sword form. Using Search Touya is able to identify Koko, a cherry tomato grown in this world that tasted like vanilla, which after talking to Aer is able to use to make vanilla (and strawberry) roll cake. This new dessert receives high praises from those around him, including Sue and her parents, the Duke also took great interest in the Shogi board Touya created and considers getting his brother to play too.

After several months of questing the party raise their ranks to green, the third from black beginner, where others being to acknowledge one to be a real adventurer. Elze suggests taking quests from other towns which the rest agree and they successfully complete a quest from the capital to defeat some more lone-horned wolves as well as a Dullahan near the ruins of the country's old capital. Much to Elze's disappointment, Touya is unable to find any treasure with Search since as Yae points out, the capital was merely relocated leaving little reason for anyone to leave anything behind. Touya then tries Searching for "historical relics" in which one result comes up, the party head to towards the location which leads underground into a room with ancient language written on the walls of which Touya takes several pictures of. Elze then finds an Earth spellstone that Touya activates, this opens a room where they find a large, broken crystal cricket-like creature with a red orb in its head. Suddenly, before they could react, the creature absorbs their magical power, regenerating its broken limbs and activating. It then lets out a high-pitched scream that causes the underground area to collapse but the party manage to escape with Gate. Touya closes the Gate before the creature can pass through but it survives the cave-in and breaks out of the ground. Linze tries using magic on it but the creature absorbs it, Yae and Elze attack with their weapons but the creature is too hard, their attacks barely leaving a scratch. The group then try indirect magic which succeeds but the creature simply regenerates the damage. With seemingly no other option, the situation seemed hopeless, but then Touya realizes that the creature activated when the red orb inside it glowed. He uses Apport to take out the orb, and prompts Elze to crush it, the creature finally shatters and falls.

Linze inspects the destroyed creature and notes that its properties are similar to spellstones, similar in a way that both does magic amplification, build-up of magical energies, and the discharge of said energies. They decide to report the incident to Duke Alfred, of which he says he will send people to investigate the matter.

Chapter IV - The Royal Family

Touya transcribes the photographs he took of the ancient writing using a new Null spell, Drawing that acted like a printer and copied the pictures onto paper, which he then goes to bring them to the Duke himself. However no sooner had Touya arrives than he finds the Duke leaving his estate on a carriage, when the Duke sees Touya he calls for him to come along. He explains that his brother the King has been poisoned and was hoping Touya could use Recovery on him just he did to the Duchess. The Duke also tells Touya whoever poisoned his brother may be the same one who masterminded the incident with Sue in an attempt to dissuade the King from making an alliance with the beast man country, Mismede as many old nobles still see them as inferior and continue to mistreat them despite efforts from the King to discourage such conduct. The Duke suspects that they plan to kill the King, have their son marry the King's daughter and seize power for themselves.

Once the pair arrive at the Royal castle, the Duke takes Touya straight to the King's room. On the way they encounter Count Balsa, a suspicious man whom Touya describes as looking like a toad. The Count tells them that they have caught and imprisoned the perpetrator which was supposedly the ambassador from Mismede as the King collapsed right after drinking a glass of wine given to him from said ambassador. The Duke doubts the Count's words as such an action would make no sense for the ambassador to do since it would lead to war. Touya also notices that Count Balsa was one of the nobles who was against the Belfast-Mismede alliance, giving him the perfect motive to carry out the plot.

The pair finally arrive at the king’s room, where the king's wife, his daughter, the Belfast general, the Belfast Court Magician, and the royal family’s physician all gathered around the king on his bed. Touya successfully uses Recovery in the King and is healed and the royal family embrace, then after some short introductions, they discuss what to do about the situation. The King too doubts the ambassador's guilt but the evidence against her seems overwhelming, he decides for now to meet with the ambassador himself and orders the general to bring her to him. As Touya ponders about how all of this happened, Princess Yumina calls him, he describes her as looking two or three years older than Sue with the same blonde hair, he also notes her differently colored eyes (blue on the right, green on the left). She thanks Touya for saving her father before asking him if he dislikes younger women, the ambassador arrives before Touya can answer. She states her name as Olga Strand and Touya recognises her as the older sister of the foxgirl he helped find her way in the capital earlier. Olga asserts she is innocent and while the King believes her they both agree that she has no way of proving so. Touya asks the general where did the King collapse and when he answers the main dining hall, Touya requests they bring him there to inspect it. When he arrives, Touya does a Search of the entire place and finds the poison. He then calls for everyone to gather in the dining hall including Count Balsa to catch the true perpetrator, there Touya drinks Olga's wine straight from the bottle, turning out completely fine. He then gives another kind of wine to the general which he also drinks without problem. But when Touya gives Count Balsa wine with the King's cup, he drinks and acts like he was poisoned, Touya later assures the Count that he was not poisoned, but his behaviour at that moment reveal that Count Balsa had placed the poison on the glass itself to kill the King, with the wine from Olga being completely safe. Exposed, the Count tries to flee but Touya stops him with Slip and he is caught and sentenced to death, he also confesses to attempting to kidnap Sue during her return trip and the case is closed.

The King thanks Touya for his services and wants to give him a reward but he declines, saying it's only natural that he does this. Court magician Charlotte is astonished that Touya can use so many Null spells, and after learning Touya can use Reading, has him translate some ancient spirit scrolls for her research. Not wanting to go through countless texts, Touya Models a pair of glasses and Enchants them with Reading, allowing Charlotte to read the writing herself, and she leaves in a flash to continue her research. With Charlotte gone, Touya relaxes and enjoys some tea, it was then he notices Yumina staring intently at him, making him question if he had done anything to offend her. Yumina then declares to her parents that she wants to marry Touya which makes him spit out his tea. When the King asks why, Yumina explains she would want nothing more than to live with a man that brings such joy to everyone around him like Touya. Satisfied with her reply, the King approves, Touya objects saying Yumina knows next to nothing about him but the King explains that his daughter has the Mystic Eyes of Intuition, allowing her to see the true nature of a person, which for her whole life has never been wrong, meaning that Yumina approving of Touya indicates he is not a bad person. Touya then argues that both he and Yumina are still too young for marriage (Yumina being 12 years old while Touya 15 years old), But the King and his wife reply that it's normal to get married young, recalling that they themselves were wed even younger than Touya. Touya still has reservations on marriage so the King suggests a compromise, saying that Yumina will live with Touya for two years as a fiancé and if he doesn’t like her then, they will call the marriage off, Touya reluctantly agrees and the Queen tells her daughter to steal Touya's heart during this time or else she will become a nun.

Touya brings Yumina back to Reflet and introduces her to the rest of his party where she tells them of her intention to live with Touya for a while before marrying him. She also expresses her wishes to join the guild in order to support Touya, and when his party objects over the dangers of such a thing, Yumina assures them that she should be alright as she trained in magic by Court magician Charlotte and archery from General Leon. What's more, Yumina has affinity for wind, earth, and dark magic, which Linze does not. They decide to have Yumina participate in a trial quest to see if she's capable. Later that evening, God calls Touya to congratulate him on his engagement as well as encourage Touya to do his best as the other gods in the Divine Realm are rooting for him.

The next day, after buying some armor, a bow and arrows for the Princess, the party registers her as an adventurer, they decide to take a subjugation quest for five King apes in the southern forest across the Alain River. The take a wagon to the forest and when they arrive Yumina uses her dark magic to summon her contracted beasts which were a pack of silver wolves. She orders them to track the apes and they find seven apes, of which the party decides to take them all out lest the survivors call for reinforcements. They successfully lure three of the apes into some carefully placed pitfalls and kill them, the party finish the remainders with their weapons and magic. Yumina asks the others if she did well and they all approve, noting her long-range support with her arrows as well as her magic power being very useful, Touya reluctantly accepts her into the party.

Later that day, Touya, seeing the great potential of summoning magic, asks Yumina to teach him. She draws a magic circle on the ground using chalk that contained spellstone fragments, then explains that to summon a beast, one must be contracted to said beast, and to form a contract, the summoner must pass that beast's trial, which can vary a lot, from easy to extremely difficult depending on the strength of the beast in question. She also tells Touya if the beast is very powerful, the summoner can control a number of subordinates alongside their contracted one, and that summoners who fail to complete the trial will be unable to summon the same beast ever again. When Touya raises concerns about safety, Yumina explains that the magic circle prevents the beasts from harming them unless the summoners themselves step inside the magic circle, and that the summoned beasts are random for each attempt.

With this in mind Touya pours mana into the magic circle and a large white tiger appears in a black fog who demands to know who summoned her, Yumina's wolves cower at the sight of the tiger and Yumina herself is unable to speak coherent words. Touya, seemingly unfazed, tells the tiger to stop scaring everyone and asks Yumina who this tiger was, she reveals that this tiger is the White monarch, a heavenly beast and said to be one of the four most powerful beasts in existence. Taking an interest in Touya, the tiger proposes that he attempt to channel as much magic as he can into the tiger to prove he is worthy of a contract. Touya does so and because he is "blessed" by God, his tremendous magic capacity and recovery overwhelm the white monarch into unconsciousness. After Touya casts some healing magic, the tiger awakes and accepts Touya as her master. She tells Touya that he must give her a new name to complete the contract, he decides on the name Kohaku and the contract is completed. Kohaku requests that she remain in this realm, which is now possible because of Touya's abilities, he agrees on the condition that she change her form into something less scary, so she shrinks into a small white tiger cub which the girls all find very adorable and proceed to hug her, much to her discomfort.

Interlude I - The Adventurers

Elze is having “girl problems” and so the party avoid any quests for the day, Touya goes to the guild library to look up a beast almanac which he can read thanks to Linze's lessons, he finds out about dragons, regarded as the most powerful of beasts. The library is magic shielded to prevent thievery so Touya takes a picture using his smartphone camera instead of relying on Drawing to copy it. He picks up a book about demi-humans and learns that demons exist in this world (who behave like just another species of demi-human rather than some unholy evil). Touya also learns about this world's unpredictable weather said to be caused by weather spirits that dwell in the lands. After which Touya's time in the library runs out and he leaves. On the way out Touya sees two adventurers duelling in the guild hall, Touya quietly shuns them for not taking their fight out of everyone's way but they hear him and approach. They vent about Touya showing off his girls and that he is too young to be adventuring. When Touya insults them further, they get enraged and attack, Touya easily fends them off and bends their weapons with Modeling, scaring them into retreat. The other adventurers in the hall ask if Touya is alright and warn Touya that the two fighting men were from the Blue-ranked parties known as Steel Fangs and Poison Snakes, outranking Touya's party and that they could cause more trouble for him in the future.

The next day, Linze also has "girl problems" so she and Elze stay behind while Touya, Yae and Yumina take on a quest. They are just about to claim the reward when the onlookers' fears are justified as the Steel Fangs party of nine surround the trio and attack. Touya's party is able to take the Steel Fangs down and Paralyze some of them. As punishment for attacking him. Touya strips them, ties them upside down on the side of the road leading into Reflet, and photographs them, which he threatens to put the images of them all over the capital. Touya then remembers the other party Poison Snakes and fears they may have tried to go after Linze and Elze at Silver Moon. He races there with Gate and finds seven unconscious men outside the inn, Dolan and Barral reveal that the men barged in demanding that Linze and Elze be brought out, the men attacked when they refuse and the two easily beat them down as they turned out to be Blue-ranked adventurers themselves. Touya takes care of Poison Fangs the same way he dealt with Steel Fangs, scarring them so much that both parties disband and leave Reflet. Later, as the girls were exchanging stories, Yumina beams with pride over how much Touya cares for them while the others blush bright red. And much to Touya's dismay, the girls remark about his sadistic nature in dealing with the unruly parties.

Interlude II - A Day in the Capital

The girls of the party talk about Touya. Elze asks Yumina why she chose to marry Touya, she answers that while she cannot say for sure because there were a number of reasons, the moment she saw Touya she knew he was the one for her. When Linze asks what would Yumina do if Touya was in love with someone else, she replies that she would work harder to make him love her but would not mind sharing Touya with that someone else. Realizing Linze's thoughts behind the question, Yumina asks the other girls their impression of Touya as a person, they agree that he is a bit of weirdo but with a good heart.

Meanwhile Touya is in the capital, on a special quest to guide local shop owners like Dolan and Barral to the capital to stock up. Touya was chosen specifically because of his Gate spell. They arrive at an inn off the main road and Barral reveals that aside from buying supplies, they also intend to secretly go to brothels to enjoy themselves, most notably Dolan who was lonely after his wife died. They ask Touya to keep this a secret from the women as per the quest requirements, wanting no part in their plans, Touya goes to the capital guild hall where he accepts a house demolition quest. The location was a mansion of whom the owners had committed suicide after being tricked by Count Balsa, Touya is charged with cleaning the shed which was still salvageable. As Touya is removing old junk in the shed, he and the demolition crew are attacked by living armors, spawned from the regrets of the family who committed suicide. Since living armor are undead creatures. Touya figures that light spells would kill them so he Enchants his sword with Cure Heal and is able to exterminate the armors. Touya is reprimanded by the foreman for destroying the shed but he escapes penalty since he protected the crew. Touya rendezvous with the shop owners and he uses Gate to return to Reflet. At Silver Moon, Micah is suspicious of her father's activity during the trip, and Touya is forced to admit that the group did indeed go to a brothel. Micah understands that her father was trying to cheer himself up but is mad at him for spending the inn's money and lying to her about it.

Touya then sees a flyer of the brothel Dolan went to and takes a closer look, but the girls appear so he quickly hides it behind his back and awkwardly goes up into his room which makes the girls reiterate that Touya is weird. Too exhausted to do anything, Touya falls asleep without even hiding the leaflet. As a result, the girls discover the leaflet the next morning when they came to wake Touya up, and proceed to interrogate him for almost an hour. Touya swears never to accept an all-boys quest with the shop owners ever again.


Hello there, this is Patora Fuyuhara.

I’m not really used to appearing in the public(?) eye like this, so forgive me if I seem a touch nervouth. Whoops, bit my tongue there...

Er, well then, this work is an improved and revised version of a story I started working on back in 2013 for the “Shosetsuka ni Narou” website. I originally began writing this story completely as a hobby, but I was able to get it physically published like this thanks to all of my readers. Really, thank you all for your support. As I write this, I’m actually still worrying that the book will never actually make it to print, but, well, if you’re reading this, then that must mean my worries were misplaced... I hope they were.

In Another World With My Smartphone, or Isekai Smartphone for short, is a story set in a world like a large hotpot, into which the ingredient known as Touya is suddenly thrown one day. From there I added a little bit of seasoning, skimmed a bit off the top, had some people do some taste-testing to see if it was any good or not, got informed on things that I’d done wrong, and then like some blindfolded bring-your-own-ingredients food party this work... became increasingly difficult to compare to a hotpot. Anyway, Hobby Japan really has guts to bring a blindfold-hotpot to the dinner table like this... But that’s just how I feel about it. I’ve already gone and made it now, though. All that’s left is to hope that this first volume was to the liking of anyone who read it. Did you enjoy it at all? I plan to continue adding more and more ingredients to this blindfold-hotpot from now on, too. Something like a spy maid and a goth-loli girl, for starters. If you enjoyed this volume, then please continue to support Isekai Smartphone from now on! Thank you so much, really. Now that the story is being physically published, I’ve decided to go back adding and removing little bits to keep the lore a bit more consistent throughout the series. With that said, I haven’t made any major changes to the story, I’m not about to replace new characters, and I won’t be erasing any existing characters or anything extreme like that, so fans of the original web novel can rest easy knowing I haven’t mutated the work in any major way. Come to think of it, I’d just like to mention that, in keeping with the title of this series, I’ve written the whole story so far on my smartphone without relying on my PC at all, except for making backup copies, of course. I guess you could call my story “Patora Fuyuhara, In The Real World With My Smartphone.”

Personally I find I’m able to type much quicker on my phone than a keyboard, so this way is simply more convenient for me. Though sometimes I end up typing too fast and leaving a lot of typos behind, so checking for mistakes like that can eat a few hours away. I do sometimes worry about accidentally dropping my phone or spilling water all over it, but thankfully I’ve managed to avoid any problems like that so far. Lately I’ve been thinking that I’d really like to get a newer model. I’m always using it for long periods of time, so the battery’s constantly on the verge of death... My wrist and hand actually start to hurt a bit if I’ve been typing on my smartphone for too long, so sometimes I’ll even end up switching to typing left-handed. That’s what I’m doing right now, actually. Could you tell?

Another thing is that, when I’m writing stories on my smartphone, from an outside perspective it just looks like I’m constantly playing games on my phone all day, which is unfortunate. I get the feeling I’d look a lot cooler sitting at a desk, typing up my stories while sipping coffee. I already know that wouldn’t really suit me, though. I’m aware that Touya didn’t really make much use of his own smartphone in this volume, but don’t worry, it’ll start gradually powering up from now on!

Finally, some words of thanks. Thank you, Eiji Usatsuka, for all of the wonderful illustrations. I look forward to working with you from now on.

Thank you, K, for reaching out to me and agreeing to be my editor. Thank you, everyone else at the Hobby Japan editorial department. A great big thank you to everyone involved in the publishing of this work.

And last, but certainly not least, a great big thank you to all of my readers, both those of you who might have read the web novel version of this work on “Shosetsuka ni Narou,” and those of you reading this story for the first time with this officially published version. Thank you so very much!

- Patora Fuyuhara

(via J-Novel Club)


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