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Lycee (リゼ Rize?) is one of the ruler-class phrase and one of Ende's wives together with Melle the Sovereign of the Phrase and her sister Ney who is a ruler-class as well.


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Lycee has always been considered an oddball by many. Unlike her sister, she is quite, reserve and usually does things at her own pace. Like Melle and Ney, she enjoys eating.


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Lycee was one of Ende's allies in trying to find Melle's core and keep the other Fraze out of the worlds they didn't belong in.

At some point after Ende gained his Dragoon Frame Gear, he entrusted her with a crystal to pull him out of the void between worlds if he ever got stuck. However as it would a tremendous amount of magic to work, he told her to find Touya Mochizuki, the king of Duchy of Brunhild, an old friend of his. When these events came to pass, Lycee went to a Brunhild tavern and kept to herself. She was discovered by Kohaku, who noted Lycee had no scent. This lead to her meeting Touya, who was initially hostile; however, Lycee explaines her connection to Ende and had Touya crush the crystal to open the portal to bring Ende to them. (See above)

Lycee enjoyed tea and cookies while Ende explained why the Fraze were attacking. Keeping silent, Lycee simply left with Ende when Touya confirmed he would all with them to stop the Fraze invasion and restore Melle.


Ende is her Husband along with her Sister Ney Who is Also Married to Ende


As a ruler-class phrase, Lycee possess all the standard abilities of her race such as magic absorption and regeneration, but is also much stronger, faster and durable.


  • In the light novel, Kohaku confirms she doesn't give off a scent. Likely a trait held by all Fraze as they are all glass beings.
  • Lycee is shown to enjoy food slowly in the light novel. Taking considerable time with a single cup of sake and having tea while Ende and Touya spoke.