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Magic (魔法 Mahō?) is the common term referred to the magical system used in the In Another World With My Smartphone series.


The magic system of In Another World With My Smartphone is based on the user's affinity for certain aptitudes, or abilities over a certain element. There are seven elements that one can have an aptitude for: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness, and Null[citation needed].

Magic attributes may be inherited from family lineage, which is the case in the Rillettes family where they use the wind attribute as a proof of their family bloodline[1]. Null Magic can also be passed down as observed in Mochizuki family, where Touya's children are able to use some of his null spells, but none of them have the same spell. It is possible for 2 living people to have the same null spells as seen in case of Touya with his children.

Magic Mechanics

All people are born with "magical energy", but one must have the aptitude to use it[citation needed]. Not all people have the aptitude for any type of magic other than Null, which is a special case[citation needed]. An example in both the manga and the anime: Elze and Linze are twins, but Linze is able to use water magic where Elze has no aptitude for the aforementioned.

The aptitude for certain element can be discovered by using small shards of magic stones (spell stones) of different colors, each element having a different color stone. If a person chants a spell while holding a magic stone, and the magic stone reacts, then the person has an aptitude for that element (excluding Null, which everyone has)[citation needed].

Aptitudes also have intensity. The more intense one's aptitude is, the more powerful his/her spells are[citation needed]. This was shown when Linze, an adept wizard caused a trickle of water to fall from the stone while Touya, a novice wizard caused a small geyser to erupt with the very same spell that Linze used.

To test for one's aptitude, one must say "Come forth, element".

To use a null spell, one must simply say the spell's name.

Below are the different elements one can control:

Stone Color Element Description
Red Fire If an aptitude is present, a blast of fire will erupt from the stone. It is unknown how the user's aptitude intensity affects the stone. So far, only fire can be generated from this stone.
Blue Water If an aptitude is present, a blast of water will erupt from the stone. The more intense the user's aptitude is, the more powerful the user's blast of water. Water and ice can both be generated from this stone. It is unknown if steam can be generated from this stone too.
Brown Earth If an aptitude is present, a miniature avalanche of sand will fall from the stone. It is unknown how the user's aptitude intensity affects the stone. So far, only sand can be generated from this stone.
Green Wind If an aptitude is present, a wind tunnel will erupt from the stone. It is unknown how the user's aptitude intensity affects the stone. Anything related to storms can be generated from this stone. This includes lightning.
Yellow Light If an aptitude is present, the stone will glow. It is unknown how the user's aptitude intensity affects the stone. Light is viewed as something "holy", meaning it can heal and purify. This was first shown when Touya healed Leim. Purification spells have a great advantage against undead enemies.
Violet Darkness If an aptitude is present, a cloud of darkness will form around the stone. It is unknown how the user's aptitude intensity affects the stone. Summoning spells are included in this element.
Colorless Null Null magic is a personal magic, meaning that it is extremely rare for two people to use the same spell under the Null magic category (Touya and the Fairy Clan being the exceptions). Null magic involves any spell that isn't related to the elements mentioned above. An example: Gate, which allows the user to create portals. Touya can use any Null magic spell, and the Fairy Clan can use roughly four or five Null magic spells.

The amount of aptitudes one has varies per person, but the more aptitudes one has, the rarer his/her magic capability is[citation needed]. This means that it is extremely rare to have three aptitudes, as stated by Linze, while it is more common to have two aptitudes, and it is the most common to have one aptitude. The exception is Mochizuki Touya, who is the only person capable of handling all seven stones[citation needed].

In the Light Novel only, Linze continues to explain that a person with more than one aptitude can have an affinity for an element over the other. For example, Linze is better at using fire than at light although her affinity for water is unknown.

In Volume 4 of the Light Novel is explained that the magic capacity of the user can make the spells more powerful or weak, this was explained when Touya used for the first time the Null spell Gravity, the original user was only able to make things a little more heavy while Touya is able to increase the weight to various tons.

Spells Mechanics

Spells are what magic users chant in order to use the magic they are capable of.

Most spells seen follow a certain pattern. In this chart, the spell is in a left-to-right pattern, meaning that the spell starts with the calling and ends with the name:

Calling Element Brief Description Name
The user calls the spell. The user states the element (or the variation of an element) involved The user defines what the spell does. The user calls the spell by its name.
"Come forth fire! Hail of Red Stones: Ignis Fire!"

In both the anime and the manga, it has been stated that there are different grades of spells, implying that not all spells follow this pattern. This was proven with the ice spell Linze used, which has no calling. A skilled enough mage can bypass this entirely.

Additionally, null spells do not follow this pattern. Instead, the name of the spell must be recited.

In chapter five of the first volume of the manga, Linze wanted to learn a new water spell, but it was difficult for her to learn it because she didn't understand the meaning of the spell. The spell was, "Come forth water, impact the surface, Bubble Bomb". After Touya helped Linze understand the mechanics of the spell, Linze could use the aforementioned spell. This means that one must know what the spell does in order to use it.


  1. Manga Vol. 9 Chapter 45,Carol used The rillettes pendant to prove Renne's heritage.


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