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The Magic Kingdom of Felsen (フェルゼン魔法王国 Feruzen Mahō Ōkoku?) is one of the countries found in the world Touya Mochizuki was sent to.


Before the creation of the Brunhild Dukedom, the Felsen Magic Kingdom was the most magically advanced country currently in existence. The country is actively researching obsolete sorcery such as artfacts, ancient magic research, engraving sorcery, talisman arts, enchanting sorcery, beast faith sorcery and ninjutsu.[1]

Family Tree of the Monarchy

Notable people

  • Boulanger Frost Felsen: The current King of Felsen [1]
  • Leord Frost Felsen: The late King of Felsen [2]
  • Amond: The Prime Minister of Felsen [1]
  • Ludo: The Court Magician of Felsen [1]
  • Easeus: The Guild Master of the Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Industry [1]
  • Garland Goldie: The former Chief of the Golden Order and former right hand man of the previous King[2]


  • This country is responsible for producing 60% of the magically enhanced weapons and armor that exist but the success rate is low.[1]


Falma: The capital of the Felsen Magic Kingdom[3]


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