EPISODE: 01 is the 1st chapter of the In Another World With My Smartphone manga in Manga Volume 1. It was released in the January issue of Comp Ace on November 26, 2016.


Manga ep1 1

Touya was about to get struck by lightning.

On his way to home from school, Touya Mochizuki was dead after being struck by lightning. When opened his eyes, God was sitting in front of him and was lowering his head asking for forgiveness. As God explained, Touya had accidentally died because of God's clumsiness. Seemed unfazed by the situation, Touya forgave God without any second thought. God was surprised by his reaction and felt even more guilty than before. As an amend, God gave Touya a second chance to live in a new world as well as granted one of his wishes. After some thought, Touya chose to bring his smartphone to the new world. Before God sent him to another world, Touya received physical ability boost to improve his chance to survive.

Manga ep1 2

Touya saw the another world for the first time.

Waking up to an unfamiliar place, Touya arrived at the another world. God called Touya and was relieved to hear him arrived safely. God also told Touya that he could use the map application in his smartphone to navigate around the world as God had modified the map with the world's. After studying the locale, he decided to walk to the nearest town. While walking to his destination, a horse carriage suddenly stopped near him and a man was shouting at him. To his surprise, Touya could understand everything that the man said as if he was talking in Japanese. The man was enthralled by the unusual design and complexity of Touya's school uniform that he was wearing. Leveraging the situation, Touya offered to sell his uniform to the man while also got himself an inconspicuous outfit and a ride to a town. The man agreed with his propositions and would take him to the nearest town before he introduced himself as Zanac Zenfield.

Manga ep1 3

Zanac offered a ride to Touya to the nearest town.

By hitching on Zanac's horse carriage, Touya arrived at Town of Reflet. He stopped by a fashion shop that apparently owned by Zanac where he got his new clothing as well as payment for not only his uniform but also his underwear. With his 10 gold coins that he received from Zanac, he went to a local inn called Silver Moon based on Zanac's recommendation. Before he took his way to the inn, he noticed that -although he could not read any of the world's texts- his map application in his smartphone showed the place names in Japanese where then he commented on the naming choice of Zanac for his shop. Inside the inn, Touya met the energetic inn keeper named Micah. Having no prior knowledge regarding the currency of the world, Touya shamefully asked how many nights he could get with a single gold coin just to learn the conversion rate of different coin types. While suffering the piercing judgmental eyes of Micah, Touya learned that 1 gold coin is equal to 100 bronze coins as well as a month is consisting of 30 days. He later decided to book a room for a month which delighted Micah as business had been slow of late.

Manga ep1 4

Touya intervened an argument between Elze and Linze with the thugs.

To spend the rest of the day, Touya took a stroll around the town. While walking aimlessly around, he noticed a ruckus at some alley. Touya overheard the overheated conversation between twin girls and two thugs regarding a crystal deer antler. He learned that the girls were caught in a fraudulent trade with the thugs and decided to intervene the conflict by offering to buy the antler at the price that the girls were asking. The longer haired girl accepted the offer before Touya shattered the antler so it would not disturb their inevitable brawl. During the fight, Touya noticed that his reflects and strength had been improved compared to his previous life. He also reflected how unnecessary his action was on breaking the antler after witnessing how the girl defended herself.

Manga ep1 5

Touya scrolled through his smartphone reading news of his old world with a sense of detachment.

Back to the inn, Touya listened the story on how the twin girls fell into the shady job and learned the existence of the Adventurer Guild through their conversation. As he also needed to find a stable income, Touya asked the girls if he could join them registering themselves to the guild. The girls agreed and planned to go to the guild the next day before they introduced themselves as Elze Silhoueska and Linze Silhoueska. Back to his room, Touya reflected on the events that he had been through in one day. As the last piece of attachment to his last world, Touya scrolled through his smartphone to see what currently happened back there before he decided to sleep and eagerly waited for the exciting new day in the new world.

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Chapter Notes

  • Touya was 15 years old when he died.
  • One gold coin is equal to 100 bronze coins.
  • One month is consisting of 30 days.

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