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Melle (メル Meru?) was the ruler of Phrase in Phrasia. She had been stayed dormant in the form of a nucleus inside Yamato, Yumina's little brother until Touya extracted her from Yamato's body[2]. She stayed at Brunhild Dukedom for a while as a refuge. In the future, she marries her boyfriend Ende and her girlfriends, Ney and Lycee and they have a daughter called Allistella[3].


She has the typical Phrase body structure which is transparent crystal-like including her clothes and accessories which apparently created from her body[2]. According to Touya Mochizuki, her appearance resembles a young girl with her eyes and hair are ice blue colored[2].

Later Touya Mochizuki gave her a pendant which allowed her to appear as human via Mirage[4].


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Mel has a calm, gentle personality. She is very determined when she sets a goal for herself, as she thought to evolved herself so she can be with Ende, who possesses the ability to travel through worlds. She has a sense of responsibility as the ruler of the Phrase and became depressed after she learned about all the damage the Phrases have caused because of her selfish choice.

After eating food for the first time, Mel developed a love for food. She enjoys spending most of her time trying new dishes. After ending the crisis with the Phrases, she wanted to stay in the current world instead of going to Endes' world because she couldn't eat delicious food in his world.


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Married to Ende


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As a member of the phrase Mel is capability of absorbing magic.


  • Since she's not an organic being with a digestive system, Melle is a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Touya noted she, Lycee and Ney were going through several days worth of Brunhild's food within only three. Since Ende is now paying for them, Melle is learning restraint.



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