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The Modeling Spell is a type of Null Magic used to reshape objects according to what is pictured in the user's mind.


Touya Mochizuki learned about this spell while reading a book of known Null Spells. According to lore, the Modeling Spell will allow the user to reshape any materials made of minerals or wood. This apparently includes metal, rubber and even Dragon Fangs. It is easier for Touya to imagine the shape and appearance of the object he wishes to create by using his smartphone to bring up an image.

Additionally, an object shaped by the Modeling Spell can be further reshaped according to Touya's whim.

Objects Created by Modeling Spell

  • Bicycle
  • Brunhild Gun Blade
  • Shogi game set
  • Ice Wall into Magnifying Glass
  • Translation glasses
  • Bullets


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