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Mystic Eyes (魔眼 Mame?) are an ability bestowed from birth that rests in the user's eyes,. and allows them to detect things that others cannot


The ability that each eye possesses differs for each user and no two pairs of Mystic Eyes have the same ability.


Types of Mystic Eyes

  • Mystic Eyes of Intuition: Wielded by Yumina. Grant Yumina enhanced intuition which allows her to sense the true nature of the person she looks at, or the nature of their thoughts. Her Right Eye is blue, while her left is a bright green.
  • Mystic Eyes of Sincerity: Wielded by Pope Elias Altra. Grant The Pope the ability to sense when a person is lying. However, she cannot tell why they are lying. Her Right Eye is blue, while her left is Green.
  • Mystic Eyes of Revelation: Wielded by Sonia Parallem. Grant Sonia the ability to negate any illusions or visual trickery, even if caused by magic. Her Right Eye is Golden, while her left is red.
  • Mystic Eyes of Far sight: Wielded by Sarutobi Homura. Grants the ability to see farther then the normal human vision can.
  • Mystic Eyes of Memory Perception: Wielded by Prince Lucrecion. Grants the ability to sense lingering memories associated with objects
  • Mystic Eyes of Seven Colours: Wielded by Kuon Mochizuki. Grants the wielder of seven different eye power.


  • In the castle of slimes, Yumina was able to sense Touya's perverted thoughts [1].
  • On the beach, Touya gets asked who looks best in a swimsuit and he replies Sue, then his phone turns on with Sue and Renne's swimsuit photo. Everyone was suspecting Touya of being a lolicon and he was not able to convince them of the misunderstanding. Yumina was able to determine it was a misunderstanding and said: "I believe you"[2].
  • During their search for the second piece of Babylon in the Sandorian desert Yumina used her Mystic Eyes to ascertain if the people they had rescued any evil intentions but fortunately she determined that they were all good people[3].
  • Yumina later uses her Mystic Eyes on several occasions to determine if any new recruits in the Brunhild Knight Order didn't have evil intentions.
  • The Pope of the Ramissh Theocracy would use her Mystic Eyes during her first meeting with Touya to she if he was telling the truth.
  • Sonia Parallem used her Mystic Eyes to see through Touya's disguise while he was attending the Pruning Ceremony in the Great Sea of Trees.