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Kanji パム
Romaji Pamu
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Green
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
  • Rauli Tribeswoman
  • Chief of the Sea of Trees
Media Debut
Novel Light Novel Volume 5

Pam (パム Pamu?) is a well-endowed Rauli tribeswoman who attempted to try to have a child with Touya for the sake of winning the Pruning Ceremony. She is now the chief of people of the tree nation.


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Pam is a tan-skinned well-endowed woman from the Rauri Tribe with light green hair, red eyes and tribal markings across her body.


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In her first appearance[1] she was seen fighting an intermediate phrase showing her bravery. She has a high sense of honor and honesty[citation needed], she follows her Lauri traditions like not having males fight for them in the Pruning[citation needed], she keeps her promises like the agreement between her and Touya's brides[citation needed], she denied any claim of her clan beating the phrase and placed the credit to Touya rightfully[citation needed] and she told in the World Congress that her and the other tribes are willing to repay him for his help[citation needed]. She's been shown to be quite open minded accepting Touya's idea for dividing the Pruning between genders like in the Olympics and thought of the various pros and cons[2].


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She first appeared when Touya and his friends came to the Great Sea of Trees to aid them in the battle against an intermediate class spider Phrase that was attacking their village.


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