The Partheno Sacred Empire (神聖帝国パルテノ Shinsei Teikoku Paruteno?), also known as Ancient Civilization Partheno (古代文明パルテノ Kodaibunmei Paruteno?), was an ancient civilization existed thousand years ago which were nearly wiped out by the Phrase.


According to Professor Babylon the Partheno Empire occupied almost one - third of the continent with many of the current countries included in their original domain including: Belfast, Regulus, Brunhild, Ramisshu, Rhodomea, Felzen, Restia and part of the Kingdom of Horn as well.[1]

Notable People

  • Regina Babylon : A professor of magical engineering who was capable of using all seven types of magic. She was responsible for the creation of the Frame Gears, the Babylon Sisters and the floating islands of Babylon.
  • Deborah Erks : A professor of magical engineering. She was said to be less talented then Professor Babylon and saw her as a rival.
  • Alerias Palerius : The Sage of Time was capable of using different types of space/time magic. The person who discovered the island of Palerius.



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