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The Program Spell is a type of Null magic that allows the user to input a set of commands to an inanimate object.


According to Leen, this type of Null magic allows her to input a set of instructions into a non-living object. The spell also allows for multiple commands and revisions to previous commands and can work in conjunction with other spells as well. The process for invoking the Program Spell is as follows:

  1. Program Start: Initiates the spell.
  2. Activation: Describes the function/movement of the object in question.
  3. Condition: Describes what and when the function/movement should occur.
  4. Program End: Completes the spell.


The spell has limited freedom and cannot input commands that are physically impossible for the object in question. For example, Leen cannot program her teddy bear Paula to fly since Paula has no means to do so. However, if she were to input the command to fly to a model bird or something similar, then it would be possible.

The program instructions need to be thorough; Leen once programmed a chair to move forward when it was sat upon, but because she forgot to specify a distance, the chair stopped abruptly after traveling a short distance forward.


Touya Mochizuki has found this spell to be very useful and has used it in conjunction with a few items in his possession which include:

Leen has repeatedly used this spell on Paula and has refined it for over 200 years, giving Paula the appearance and behavior of a living being.


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