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Ramissh Theocracy (ラミッシュ教国 Ramisshu Kyōkoku?) is one of the countries found in the world that Touya was sent to. Unlike most kingdoms, they are not ruled by a king, but instead elect a Pope from the highest ranked priests. This Pope rules the country until they either die or abdicate the throne.[1]


Notable People

  • Elias Altra: The Current Pope of Ramissh. Possesses a heterochromatic blue and green Mystic Eyes that allow her to detect truth and lies. Currently one of two people to meet with God himself in her country.
  • Phyllis RugitShe was a priestess who was sent to the Brunhild Dukedom to offer the proposal a national religion to Touya Mochizuki.[2] She would later be accused of treason and sentenced to execution after discovering that their country's religion was false. After the events in the capital city had been handled she became a Cardinal. She is currently one of two people to meet with God himself in her country.
  • Nest Renaud: One of the two envoys sent to the Brunhild Dukedom to offer a proposal of a national religion to Touya Mochizuki. Unfortunately his high handed attitude caused a falling out between him and Touya. He is known to wear wigs.[2]
  • Cardinal Zeon: The younger brother of Cardinal Kyurei. Both him and his older sister were later arrested and imprisoned.
  • Cardinal Kyurei: The older sister of Cardinal Zeon. She posed as the Pope of Ramissh during Touya's visit to the country.[3] She was later arrested and imprisoned.
  • Ramirez: The founder of the Ramissh Holy Kingdom. Originally believed to be a priest that summoned the god of light that purified the land, though it was later discovered that he was a magician that possessed the darkness attribute.[3]


  • Isla: Capital City of Ramissh Holy Kingdom.[4]


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