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TouyaSpoil.PNG Spoiler Alert: The following article has information not currently present in the anime or manga. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Refreese Imperium (リーフリース皇国 Rīfurīsu Kōkoku?)[1] is a major location on the world.


Notable People

  • Rig Reek Refreese: The emperor of the Refreese Imperium. The king of the Refreese Imperium. According to Touya, he looks like Bruce Willis[2]
  • Zelda Rehm Refreese: The queen of the Refreese Imperium.
  • Reliel Rehm Refreese: The first princess of the Refreese Imperium. She is secretly a famous BL novelist.
  • Ridis Reek Refreese: The crown prince of the Refreese Imperium.
  • Joseph: Elze Silhoueska and Linze Silhoueska's uncle. He lives at Colette Town.
  • Rana: Elze Silhoueska and Linze Silhoueska's aunt and Joseph's wife.
  • Emma: Joseph and Rana's oldest daughter.
  • Aaron: Joseph and Rana's oldest son.
  • Sheena: Joseph and Rana's second daughter.
  • Allen: Joseph and Rana's second son.
  • Clara: Joseph and Rana's third daughter.
  • Kirara: Joseph and Rana's fourth daughter.
  • Alan: Joseph and Rana's third son.
  • Reno: Joseph and Rana's fifth daughter.
  • Simmons: The vice captain of the McClane ship


  • Bern - Capital City of the Empire[3]
  • Colette Town (コレットの町 Koretto no Machi?) - Elze's and Linze's hometown.[4]



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