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Regulus Empire (レグルス帝国 Regurusu Teikoku?) is one of the countries found in the world Touya was sent to. It is located in the western Europa continent and the largest country in the west.


Regulus Empire is surrounded by 7 countries which are across the Merishia Mountain Range (メリシア山脈 Merishia Sanmyaku?) with Kingdom of Belfast and Brunhild Dukedom bordering to the west, across the Great River Gau (ガウの大河 Gau no Taiga?) with Kingdom of Mismede to the southwest and Ramissh Theocracy to the southeast, Roadmare Union to the east, across the river with Kingdom of Hannock to the northeast, and Kingdom of Elfrau to the north.

Regulus Empire has divided its military become 2 different group, the soldier army, and the knight order. The army is responsible for military aggression towards other countries, like defending the country from other country invasion or invading other countries. While the knight order is responsible for the law and order of the country.[1]

This country is actively involved in trade with the Magic Kingdom of Felsen which normally trade magic techniques and tools and steel materials, weapons, armor, magic stones and various other products.[2]

Family Tree of the Monarchy


Note: ‡ current monarch

Notable People

  • Lux Roa Regulus: The crown prince of Regulus Empire.
  • Sarah Rea Regulus: The First Princess of Regulus Empire.
  • Elysia Rea Regulus: The Second Princess of Regulus Empire. She was studying magical engineering in the Kingdom of Felzen before marrying its king.
  • Caroline Rillettes: The Second Class Knight of the Regulus Empire. She is also Renne's aunt.
  • Gaspar: Head of Imperial Black Order of the Regulus Empire.
  • General Bazoar: The General who want to coup d'état the reigning king.
  • General Romero: The General who is providing the prince a place to hide.


  • Gallaria, Heart of the Empire (帝都ガラリア Teito Gararia?)[1]: the capital city of Regulus Empire.
  • Pyton Village: A village in the southwestern part of the country where a nearby cave stored in teleportation circle for the Storehouse of Babylon.[3]
  • Isrem Plains: A area located to the northwest of the capital city in the central part of the Empire. It was the site of a large battle with Phrase.


  • Approximately 200 years before the start of the story Regulus and Rhodomea were originally one whole country before Rhodomea declared it's independence from Regulus.[4]


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