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Renne (レネ Rene?) is a young girl that Touya met in Kingdom of Belfast and helped escape poverty by employing her[1]. She has been assigned as the personal maid of Touya Mochizuki by Lapis[2].


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Before being found by Touya, Renne had a tomboyish appearance with a cap, dress shirt, and dress pants. Renne eventually begins to start wearing more formal wear when she becomes a maid of the Belfast Mansion.[3]


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Renee is a highly dependable person. After being trained by Cecile and Lapis, Renne carries herself with a polite and professional air whenever on duty as a maid; though she is prone to slip ups due to her youth. This came in handy when visiting her maternal grandmother Mary, whom was surprised with her etiquette despite not being raised as a noble like her mother Stephanie or aunt Carol.


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Renne's mother passed away shortly after she was born. Her father went on a quest to slay a magical beast and hasn't been seen since his departure. In order to survive, she was forced to become a pickpocket. At a later date she was attacked by two thieves because she stealing in their territory but before they could harm her she was rescued by Touya whose wallet she had stolen earlier. After giving her some food and hearing about her past Touya offers her the opportunity to come work in his house which she agrees to.

After arriving at the Belfast Mansion she is tended by Cecile while receiving a uniform from Lapis.


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Touya Mochizuki

Renne was taken off the streets by Touya, and as such, is very thankful to him. Touya allows her to speak casually unless there are guests. She is later assigned as his personal maid along with Francesca. The two of them bonds well, and she often affectionately calls/sees him as her big brother and bear hugs him every so often.


Cecile acts as Renne's teacher.


She is Renne's superior as the head maid of the castle

Sushie Ernea Ortlinde

As the two have similar ages, Renne and Sue get along very well. Their friendship continues even after Suu becomes a queen of Brunhild. It's implied that in the future, their friendship is the reason Suu named her daughter Steph; in honor of Renne's mother.


One of Touya's fiancees. After she becomes a member of Touya's group she begins to learn magic from her

Caroline "Carol" Rillettes

Renne's maternal aunt. Since Carol detests being called "aunt, Renne calls her "sis" instead.

Mary Rillettes

Renne's maternal grandmother. A kind woman who accepted Renne's choice to remain a maid rather than join nobility. Renne cooked a meal for her as gratitude for their meeting. They exchange letters through a mirror portal Touya gave them.


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  • Dagger Technique - she is able to use dagger for self-defense or offense after receiving coaching from Cecile[2].
  • Magic - Renne has a magical affinity for the element of wind. She has received magical training from Leen.


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  • In the English translation of the Light Novel, she speaks with a Cockney accent.
  • In the Anime, the Rillettes family pendant that she owns wasn't shown.


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