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The Research Laboratory of Babylon (バビロンの「研究所」 Babiron no "Kenkyūsho"?, literally "Research Institute of Babylon") is one of the nine legacies that were left behind by the genius doctor Regina Babylon. It was built during the period the ancient Partheno Civilization approximately 5000 years before the start of the story. It was later discovered by Touya Mochizuki and is managed and controlled by the gynoid Atlantica. It is the last piece of Babylon to be discovered.[1]


The Research Laboratory of Babylon is a facility that is primarily utilized in the the creation and manufacturing of different materials and products. It serves as a scientific research center for the combined Babylon. It is the location in which the Babylon Sisters were created and developed. The Laboratory itself is divided into several different buildings, each of which is responsible for different a function or creation of a different product. In many aspects it is considered to be an advanced version of the Alchemy Building, and is capable of producing more materials then it's counterpart.

The teleportation circle for the Research Laboratory is located to the southwest of the continent near the Kingdom of Iglett, hidden in a underwater cave close to the island itself. The puzzle to activate the circle itself is actually complex. To access the puzzle itself one would have to pour magic of all seven attributes into marble shaped magic stones embedded into a black globe. The actual puzzle itself involves a series of slide puzzles that when completed triggers the activation of the teleportation circle.[1]


  • The Research Laboratory of Babylon is the birthplace of all the Babylon sisters.[1]
  • The Doctor's mind was placed inside of the last gynoid that she created.[1]


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